I Binge Watched Scrotal Recall On Netflix And You Should Too

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You know when you’re incredibly bored and you think to yourself, Netflix might be kinda lit right now? Well, I had that moment. Instead of jumping into Friends or watching another episode of The Boondocks that i’ve seen a million times, I scrolled through other shows or movies to watch.

After I realized, I had no clue what I wanted to watch, which I know happens to everybody when they go on Netflix, I looked at what Netflix was recommending for me and I read the title Scrotal Recall. The title didn’t really make me want to watch, but when I noticed Antonia Thomas was in it (She played Alisha on this show called the Misfits) I thought well I messed with Misfits, I’ll check this out.

So, before I clicked the first episode, I read the description of the show and I was like this might be good. The description of the show basically said this guy name Dylan who is played by Johnny Flynn is diagnosed with chlamydia…. I know damn. He gets diagnosed and then the nurse tells him he has to contact all the girls he had sex with to tell them, they might have it too. Yikes!

Every episode is told through flashbacks chronicling all the girls Dylan’s been with, until the last episode when it goes to present day. The other characters in the show, Dylan’s best friend Luke played by Daniel Ings and Evie played by Antonia Thomas were really good in the show. The other actors in the show were hilarious too.

The show honestly isn’t really about the disease Dylan gets, this show is take on relationships and love and if you messed with Skins UK and Misfits, you’ll definitely like this show too.

The soundtrack of the show tuned out to be really good too. I have to warn you though, if you do end up liking the show a lot… there’s only 6 episodes and I haven’t read anywhere about their being a season 2.

Here’s the trailer for the show. Trust me, the show is LIT.


From The 6ix,With Love

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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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