The Moment You Realize High School Has Become A Distant Memory

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It happened out of nowhere. I can’t remember what day it was this week, but out of nowhere, I realized that I had been living a completely different life than I was when I was going to high school. The realization probably came from talking about high school earlier this week. All the stories and all the memories seemed so far away for me and I couldn’t help, but realize how much my life had changed since then.

It’s a crazy weird feeling because it’s only been like 2 years since I graduated, but it really seems like a lifetime ago. I think the huge problem is that in school they don’t teach you about the big life transition, they focus on in your last year of high school about school transitions.

They tell you about how much harder the assignments are going to be, they teach you about how the professors won’t care about you and basically how hard the shits going to be. They should be telling you that you’re not going to see your friends everyday or you might make new friends and you might lose connections with people you used to talk to everyday and how much that will emotionally change you.

Because they don’t tell you all of that, some people never grow out of high school because they fear that big emotional change and they try their hardest to keep connections with people so it seems like high school never ended. What’s worse is that some people might never change their mentalities that they had when they were in high school too because they can’t handle that change.

It’s what Kanye West rapped about when he said old niggas mentally still in high school, since the tight jeans they ain’t never like you on I Am A God. It’s a mentality and for some it never goes away. And a by-product of people sticking with their mentality in high school after graduation is like that cliche moment in every early 2000s movie.

You know… where the jock continues to have that jock mentality after graduation and when they tell us how the jocks future ends up he’s like in his late 20s still thinking about how cool he was in high school and living with his mom or some shit.

The worst thing about this is that there will always be that person who reminisces about high school way too much.They always hit you with that…Hey you remember that time in science class? Hey man, like you remember that dodgeball game like fam like you remember that game back in grade 10? Hey man, you remember that time we went to that place and it was fun like remember that place?

No fam, I don’t remember that place. Maybe, If I think hard about it, I might remember that place, but I sure as hell don’t really want to talk about it anymore.

Being completely fair we’ve all been that person. I’ve talked to people about high school and like how different it is and how much has changed, but at a certain point it becomes so boring to talk about. High school as crazy as it seems just 2 years later has become a distant memory and like Drake says on his song the motion, I guess that’s just the motion.

I’m glad that I realized this because I sure don’t want to be the kid talking about gym class in high school when I’m 25. Does anybody really?


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