Tobias Jesso Jr Is An Artist You Need To Check Out Like Right Now

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I first heard of him by Adele posting his song How Could You Babe on her Twitter. I thought the song was really good, but it wasn’t until I listened to his live version of Without You/Just A Dream that’s I realized he was beyond incredible.

The emotions that come out of the songs he sings is Adele like. It’s no wonder she co-signed his song on Twitter. Since I’m from Canada, I have to mention that yes, Tobias Jesso Jr is Canadian. You have to acknowledge that. His whole back story of trying to make it as an artist and now finally succeeding is incredible and Inspiring.

I don’t want to spoil the whole story, but just know that it’s honestly incredible. Ever since, I heard the song How Could You Babe and Without You/Just A Dream, I’ve been keeping tabs on him. I even tried getting tickets to his Toronto show, but I found it out that it got sold out. Just recently, Tobias has played live on Jimmy Fallon and yet again, I realized wow! He’s really got that music gift.

You could watch that live performance by clicking here

The special thing about Tobias is that, he just has the voice and he’s just playing an instrument. There’s no over the top show with him, it’s about the music. The same can be said with Adele. I watched Adele live when she was on tour in Toronto and she just sang her heart out and it was incredible.

I know that Tobias is a new artist and people always compare new artist to other artists, but this is just a huge compliment that I’m giving him. He is also a huge fan of Adele too.

If I’ve peaked your interest about Tobias then here our a few songs to check out by him. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.

His debut album Goon comes out March 16. If you want to read a review of his album, click here. 

Spoiler alert the album got reviewed an 8/10 so check him out.



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