Drake Is Already A Legend And Views From The 6 Will Only Solidify That Fact

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In 2006, Drake dropped his first official mix-tape Room For Improvement. From 2006 till 2009, we can call this the mix-tape Drake era. Drake wasn’t a legend at this time, but I remember the first time, I actually heard Drake on a song. I remember hearing Still Fly on the radio and I thought it was incredible.

I went home and I typed Still fly on Youtube and I found out that it was the guy from Degrassi. I didn’t really take in So Far Gone or Comeback Season as much when those came out, but Thank Me Later was different. I went to Dubai around the time Thank Me Later dropped and that’s where I realized how incredible Drake was.

The Resistance is still Drake’s best song in my opinion. Still from 2006 till 2010, Drake still wasn’t a legend. Toronto was still as it was, but the legend status really started in 2011. It didn’t really begin with him though, It began with someone else. The Weeknd came out of nowhere and dropped three tapes in 2011. Drake finally wasn’t the only one holding down Toronto.

With the addition of XO and the addition of the OVO Store, Toronto was changing.

The culture change in Toronto can be seen in 2011. Everyone wanted to either rock XO or OVO or both. People outside of Toronto were taking notice of Toronto. This is where the legend status was starting, but this is only 2011. He still wasn’t a  legend, but in 2011 he was on his way.

On November 15th, 2011, Drake released Take Care. A month later, The Weeknd dropped Echoes Of Silence, the last tape in the trilogy. If there was ever a year that really showed the dramatic change in Toronto it’s 2011. In 2012, It was more so that Drake killed every song he was on. Instead of dropping any body of works.

Stay Schemin, Pop That, No Lie, 2012 was the definition of every song just sounded like Drake featuring Drake. In all honesty, Drake became a legend from Nothing Was The Same in 2013. In my opinion, Nothing Was The Same is not only his best body of work, it’s his classic. It’s his career defining album.


The title in Nothing Was The Same says everything that needs to be said. Drake’s legend and legacy comes from the way he changed Toronto. You can’t take away what the Weeknd did in 2011, but Nothing Was The Same didn’t include him. Take Care was emotional. Thank Me Later in Drake’s words was too rushed. So For Gone was basically influenced by 808s and heartbreak.

Nothing Was The Same was Drake’s full complete album. I know this Is just the stan coming out of me, but this album deserved best rap album, not Kendrick’s. I’m not taking anything away from Drake on the 808s influence on So Far Gone or that Take Care was too emotional or that Thank Me Later was rushed, but this is what people would say against Drake if it came down to his legacy in body of works.

Then in 2014, during the OVO Fest that I attended, Drake performed Draft Day and uttered the words, 5 years later, how am I the man still? Performing cuts from So Far Gone, Thank Me Later and Nothing Was The Same. Like in 2012, 2014 was a year Drake didn’t drop a body of work.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 3.47.52 PM

Now in February 2015, Drake surprised us with a 17 track mix-tape titled If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. The opening song Legend made me realize, Drake really is a legend.

If Drake died, he would be a legend. For the top hip-hop experts, they would look to Drake’s discography to see if he is a legend.

People might look at his records or achievements to see if he was a legend. People might look at his bars and flows on his songs. The truth of the matter is Drake’s legacy isn’t in his music. Drake’s legacy is in how he changed Toronto. Drake could pull a Jay Z and say after Views From The 6, he is retiring. Like Jay Z said after the Black Album.

Jay Z dropped his first tape in 1996 with Reasonable Doubt. He announced he would retire in 2003 with the Black album. That is seven years. Drake dropped his first tape in 2006 and would be dropping Views From The 6 in 2015. That is nine years.

Drake is already a legend. Views From The 6 will only solidify that fact.

Let me say it again. Drake is already a legend and Views From The 6 will only solidify that fact. Musically, Drake is number one right now and it’s not even close. Drake’s legacy doesn’t rest on Views From The 6, Drake’s already a legend. A Canadian from Toronto is number one and like me and others from Toronto, you just gotta love it.

If Drake did decide to retire or take a break after Views From The 6 and people say that he started popping off in 2009. That means he would have been in music for 6 years. Jay Z would have retired seven years in.

Though in a Disney type moment, you can even say that in 2016 on it’s on right will solidify that fact for Drake. In 2016, Drake will be celebrating 10 years since he dropped Room For Improvement and Toronto will be hosting the All Star Game.


Taking a break/retiring in 2016 would be seven years.


From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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