The Second Semester Blues Are Very Real

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There’s something about returning to school after December break. You worked so hard for that break and you finally get to relax. For a while, you kind of forget you’re still in a school year. It’s wonderful. It’s incredible. It’s terrific. There’s nothing like December break. You get to sleep late as hell, you get to chill with your friends and you get to be lazy.

We worked so hard before the break that we deserve this time. We deserve this break. School is just an afterthought and relaxing is all that matters. Then you wake up on Sunday and you realize school is back. You might have school the next day, you might have school on Tuesday of that week or later on the week or even next week, but still. School is back.


How do you motivate yourself again after being so lazy? Sometimes you just can’t. You completely forget about school and the only thing you think about is the year being done. The only thing you think about when you come to school is April. If you’re still in high school, all you can think about is June.

Maybe you’re so lazy that March Break or Reading Week is your first thought. You tell yourself, when is it? WHEN IS IT? Because you simply just don’t want to be in school anymore. Being away from school during the break was too good. For me personally I completely feel this way.

Every single time, I return to school in January, I always feel lazy. Like Is this still on? We’re still doing this? I still have to go to school? You think to yourself, school is getting in the way of my life and my life is getting in the way of school. It’s just insane.


The simple solution is to never get carried away during your break. Manage your sleeping schedule and stay motivated for school year. Who wants to do that though? The crazy thing about being in college for me is now, I finish in April. My school will resume again in September.

You know how long of a break that is? How do I stay motivated for that long? The low-key excitement of returning to school gets me pumped about returning on the lowest of keys, but second semester. I don’t know how people survive the second semester blues, it’s getting real for me. I’m trying to stay motivated, but its like meh.


April is the last month of classes for me. Pray for me. If you’re suffering from the second semester blues, I’ll be praying for you too. We will make it through. And let’s be serious about life, who reads during reading week?



From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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