Whiplash Review (Spoiler Alert)

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Brief Description Of Movie 

A first year music student named Andrew Neyman (Miles Teller) wins a seat behind the top drummer in a jazz band led by the professor Terrence Fletcher (J.K Simmons). The obsession to be great in Andrew’s eyes is met with the intimidation and fear that Terrence gives him in this movie Whiplash.


Andrew Neyman wants to be great. He aspires to be good as Buddy Rich. When he is practicing on his drums at school, he notices Terrence is watching him. It is known that Terrence is looking for new alternate player for his jazz band and to be in Terrance’s class, Andrew needs to impress him.

At first, Terence doesn’t care for his playing and walks away. The next day, Andrew is in class and Terrence walks inside his class. Every instrument is played because Terrance wants to see how everyone is playing and who is good or bad. Once Andrew starts playing, Terrence tells him to stop. Everybody watching is thinking that this means Andrew wasn’t good enough.

That wasn’t that case. Terrance calls Andrew outside of class to talk. Andrew in confidence tells Terrance that his mother left him when he was younger and his dad is a writer. Terrance then say’s to him to be in his jazz band group at 6 in the morning. This was probably the first case of Terrance using unorthodox methods towards Andrew.

The jazz group is actually meeting at nine in the morning and a slightly late Andrew realizes this when he gets to school just after six .Andrew has to wait around for hours until his first practice with Terrence’s jazz group. The players in this group are considered the best players in the entire Shaffer Conservatory music school. This school is considered the most prestigious school in the country in the movie.

As Andrew is the alternate for the top drummer in class Carl, he gets to look around and pay attention to how everybody is playing in class and how others are being treated by Terrance. Terrance realizes that somebody is off tempo or off-key in class and wants to figure out who.

When he points out one of the players and asks them if they are off-key, the player is in complete fear of Terrance. This is where Terrance belittles the player and tells him that he shouldn’t be looking down because he won’t find a Mars bar down there and to look at him.

Andrew is confused at what is going on, but says nothing. Terrance then tells the player to get the hell out of his class room. Terrance then tells the class that the player wasn’t even off-tempo or off-key, but the simple fact that he didn’t know that he was or wasn’t was worse.

After this, the moment finally arrives and Andrew is finally going to play for the first time in class. Terrance calls him outside and tells him to just relax and enjoy the moment. Once Andrew comes back into the room and starts playing on the drums all is normal. Then Terrance starts getting irritated.

Terrance keeps using his hands to conduct the players and he keeps closing his hands to tell Andrew to stop. Andrew keeps trying and trying, but Terrace is having none of it. Terrance then throws a chair at Andrew and Andrew luckily dodges it and if he didn’t, he would have been knocked out. Absolutely in shock, Andrew just sits in his chair stunned.

Terrance then berates him and tells him that he completely messing up. More so in the harshest way you can possibly imagine. As Andrew counts one, two, three and four Terrance slaps him in the face. Slapping him while belittling him in front of the entire class. Terrance also brings up the fact that his mother left him in the belittling. Andrew starts crying and Terrance tells him to scream out in the class that he is upset.

After class finishes and Andrew talks to his father for the first time since encountering the first abuse, His father asked him how it was being in class with Terrance. Andrew doesn’t tell him anything about the abuse he suffered. Andrew tells him that everything is fine. That entire sequence and after when Andrew talks with his father explains the movie so well.

Andrew is willing to keep all the pain inside all movie because he just wants to be great. He is willing to not tell his father about the abuse and when he finally gets the date with a girl he likes, he tells her that they can’t see each other anymore. His commitment to becoming great becomes an obsession as the movie goes on.

The obsessions to being great takes Andrew to unimaginable heights to the point where he is involved in a car accident and is bleeding profusely from it and he still runs to play the drums. Everybody wants to be great and everyone who wants to be great has had a Terrance in their life.

Terrance is the person who has power or authority over you and pushes you to the point of no return. Terrance is a bully. Terrance’s philosophy in the movie is that he has to be this way to make somebody great. Maybe, everybody needs a Terrance to become great, maybe we need somebody telling us that we can never succeed to succeed.

Still, for me this movie is incredible because of Andrew. His dedication is becoming great is inspiring, but slightly sad. He loses out on the girl, but he finally gets the nod of approval from Terrance in the end. Why we will always want the approval from people we shouldn’t Is a question mark for the ages.

I highly recommend this movie.



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