The Love-Hate Relationship You Have When You Show People What Music You Listen To

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You love when they like the music. You hate when they don’t. Sometimes you don’t even bother showing what music you listen to because of that to people. You can’t fathom how somebody can hate the songs you like. You think to yourself, this is incredible! This is amazing! This is revolutionary! This is a game changer! Yet sometimes, people don’t share those same feelings as you.

For me, I’m a huge music fiend. I love finding new artist to listen to. I always want to find something fresh to listen to. That’s kind of why, I like my website. I get to post all of the artist, I like that. The worst thing though about sharing music to people is ignorant comments they give about it.

When people just listen to a song for a second or a minute and they say, it’s sucks. It’s like, you didn’t just go out of your way to show someone music and just to hear that. Sometimes you hear that type of response when they ask you for music. It’s like what’s the point then? That’s where the hatred comes from.

Its like, if you don’t like it, tell me a few days later based on actually taking it in. Not just in a few seconds or a couple of minutes. You’re just left confused and left wondering how do you not like this though? Like how Sway? How?


What I’m about to say has happened to ever music lover. When you show someone music and they say they hate it, but see   other people they know like it, they change their mind. That’s another reason why you hate showing people music. They down play the track, down play the artist until the artist gets big or other people like it. You just take a deep breath and hope you don’t break something. Ha! I’m joking, but I’m not. Its like really?


Even though there is hatred, there is love. When someone tells me they like the music I listen to, I’m hyped. I’m like yes, you understand this. Thank you god, someone else see’s what, I see. Then later, you have music jams and you’re just relaxing and listening to the music. It’s truly a love-hate relationship. Love, but mixed with hate.

Back to which, I used to really care about what people thought of the music, I listen to. Now, I really don’t. I listen to a lot of different genres and my music taste is more open-minded now. Because of this now, I listen to so many more amazing artists then I never would have.

Some people will hate the artists, I listen to. Some people will love the artists, I listen to. It doesn’t really matter because it’s what, I think that matters more. When you like an artist, you feel an emotional connection with the artist. You really understand the artists. So when people tell you, this person sucks. You feel like they are telling you that you suck.

Ha! Being serious though, that’s how it feels. Even though there is some hate when people don’t like your artist, you won’t stop sharing music. Why? Because someone out there will like the artist and that’s always enough. Plus, there is always hope that a hater of an artist will change his mind. Hopefully not on the merit of other people. but based on themselves and how they feel.


From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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