It’s Okay Being Alone : Life Talk #17

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Nobody wants to be alone. When you’re alone, you like feel nobody wants you and you feel mis-understood or not cared for. In reality though, you’re not really alone. You’re with your thoughts. You think about school or work or you think about your friends or you think about a boy or a girl. Maybe you think about all of those things at once. When you fill yourself up with so many thoughts like those, you feel this sudden need to talk to someone.

You have this feeling inside yourself that you need to unleash your thoughts. Now, something that isn’t healthy that people do when they feel this way and feel alone is they use coping mechanism to ease their loneliness. Some people eat a lot of food, some people buy a lot of clothes, but others dangerously cop with drugs and alcohol.

The problem is only solved when you learn how to be alone. You need to learn how to control your thoughts and motivate yourself within to be better. You won’t find pleasure or answers in drugs or food or clothes. You will have countless sleepless nights over-thinking. Once you learn how to be alone properly, it really is okay. Like Lil Wayne raps on 6 Foot 7 Foot “I talk to myself because I am my own consultant.” You need to be your own consultant.

If you constantly need to talk to someone, then when you’re alone and you have no one, it sucks. You will never love just being by yourself. You will always crave the attention of someone else or crave the indulgence in whatever coping mechanism you use. This is why when people break up in relationships, it usually goes two different ways. One person might be happy and go on with life.

The other person might be depressed and hate the fact that they don’t have someone special anymore. When you are alone, you need to find yourself and you won’t find yourself in another person.That’s why you have to love yourself before you even think about loving or being with someone else. We are our own mystery and we need to solve it ourselves.

Someone else in this world doesn’t have the puzzle of you and they won’t complete you, you need to complete yourself. When you don’t love yourself and you don’t appreciate who you are as a person, how can you expect to be in a relationship with someone else? That isn’t fair to the person you might be in a relationship with you. The media though, doesn’t help in the way they market and advertise.

They tell us if you don’t buy these things, you won’t be happy. They sell us Valentines day, making us think we need someone. Newsflash, you won’t find happiness in a new car, you won’t find happiness in any materialistic thing that the media will sell to you. If you believe in that, then being alone sucks. You need to love yourself and you need to appreciate yourself.

Once you love yourself, being alone isn’t so bad. It is a struggle though with a world around us selling us fake happiness is. One day though, you’ll meet that person, who will make you feel as happy as you make yourself, but until then love yourself and tell yourself everyday, it’s okay being alone. You know why? Because it’s the truth and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

For me personally, I don’t want to be alone either like Donnie Darko, but i’m okay with it. It’s okay being alone.


From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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