Kingsman: The Secret Service Review (Spoiler Alert)

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Brief Description Of Movie 

This movie Kingsman: The Secret Service is loosely based upon the comic The Secret Service and it tells the story of a  secret spy organization that recruits a promising kid into their competitive training program at the same time a global threat emerges from a tech genius. This movie is starring Colin Firth as Harry Hart, Taron Egerton as Eggsy, Michael Caine as Arthur and Samuel L. Jackson as Richmond Valentine. Eggsy’s real name in the movie is Gary Unwin, but for this review and because he was called Eggsy throughout the movie, that’s the name, I will use in the review.


If you put Kick-Ass and James Bond in a blender, you would get this movie from that creation. This movie was hilarious, action packed and bloody, very, very bloody. Bloody hilarious, I must say at that too. This movie can be reviewed in many different ways, but I’m going to choose to review this based on how, I personally viewed the movie. I think the heart of the movie can be seen in the dynamic between the characters Harry Hart and Eggsy and that’s how I’m going to review this  movie.

. kingsman-the-secret-service-colin-firth-taron-egerton1

If I analyze the photo above, I would think Eggsy, who is on the right looks out-of-place and it confused as to what is happening . Harry on the other hand looks confident and comfortable with the surroundings and the difference in the attire between the two is also telling.

In the movie, Eggsy father was apart of the Kingsman Service, but during a mission he threw himself at a grenade to save the other Kingsman around him and Harry was one of those Kingsman. Harry failed to spot the grenade during the interrogation and he felt that the situation was his fault. Since Harry survived because of Eggsy’s father, he felt compelled to help out Harry’s family.

After all, we find out that he was the one who recruited Eggsy’s father into the Service. When Harry tells Eggsy’s mother of the situation, she is more than upset and then instead of taking a pendant that Harry wants to give her, she declines, so he  gives a young boy the pendant and this boy turns out to be a young Eggsy. Years go by after this encounter and Eggsy is now much older and a trouble maker.

He then gets arrested for stealing a car which is a hilarious scene and crashes it with his friends, but he wants to take the heat and tells his friends to leave. Then in jail he uses the number on the pendant to make a call to see if it could help him. He is let out of jail and this is where he meets Harry for the second time in his life, but to him it’s the first time.


Throughout the movie, Harry is helping Eggsy because he feels that he needs to do this because of what Eggsy’s father did for him. He also see’s a lot of potential in him and he is supposed to find a candidate for the service as soon as possible. During the time Eggsy is being trained to become the next Kingsman, Harry is hurt in a mission that, I won’t spoil for you by talking writing about it and Eggsy works harder in the training to show Harry he can do it. Still, he feels out-of-place with the rest of the candidates.


The blood shed in the movie and the gory scenes were pretty intense, I must say. That definitely reminded me of Kick-Ass and this movie is directing by the Matthew Vaughn who directed Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2. Many things happen throughout the movie and Eggsy has to finally step out of himself and live up to his full potential. I think that is what the heart of the movie is about in that you need someone who believes in you and sees your potential.

Eggsy comes into a world where he was completely unfamiliar, yet he holds his ground and shows the rest of the top candidates that he deserves to be their as much as they do. To the rest of the world, Eggsy Is just a teenage trouble maker, but in the eyes of Harry, he is more than that and throughout the movie, you see that.

. tumblr_n6zm2sf4tH1r70hn2o1_500-2

I recommend this movie because Samuel L. Jackson is hilarious in this movie, the dynamic between Colin Firth and Taron Egerton is amazing and there are many twists and turns that you don’t expect to happen. Trust me, this is a must watch when it comes out in February. There is a scene in the church that is a must see, the ending is a must see, trust me, this movie is worth the watch. Overall as well, the cast was amazing, I must add.

I watched this movie at an early screening in Toronto.


Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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