10 Reasons Why Kanye West Is The Michael Jackson Of Our Current Music Era

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If you’ve read some of my previous posts about Kanye West’s, then you would have read me say he is Michael Jackson of music right now. This of course is my opinion, but here is 10 reasons why he is. Michael Jackson is my favourite artist of all time, so i’m not saying this because, I’m a huge Kanye West fan which, I am and i’m gassing him up. I actually believe this or I wouldn’t be writing it.



Michael Jackson and Kanye West have had their fair share of controversies and media attraction because of it.

Michael Jackson

During his lifetime, Michael had many controversies surrounding him. The Child Abuse trials that he was never found guilty of, the balcony incident that he later realized was a mistake and the cosmetic surgeries. All of those controveries and then you add the media making false stories about him and the drugs that he got addicted to, as well as the incident with Pepsi with his hair catching on fire made him a media spectacle.

The worst of all was the media attacking him on his skin. Making stories that he bleached his skin and when Michael passed away, it was proven once and for all, he did have the skin condition Vitiligo and did not bleach his skin, but the truth is what the majority thinks and the media made Michael something he is not and he was just wanted to be left alone.

Kanye West

Michael Jackson was attacked by the media until his death. Perez Hilton even thought Michael Jackson’s death was a hoax and publicity stunt until it become known as true. Kanye West is still alive and throughout his life so far, he has had enough media scrutiny and controversies.  Just to name a few, the now infamous George Bush incident, the Taylor Swift incident, the Rolling Stone cover of him being Jesus and the media calling everything he said in 2013 a rant.

Calling what he says a rant, just makes it seems like he is crazy, but he isn’t. Michael and Kanye have dramatically changed the music culture, but throughout Michael’s life and Now Kanye’s, controversy surrounds their great art and the media loves it.


Powerful Songs

Michael Jackson and Kanye West both have powerful songs with significant messages in them. I’m going to write about one Michael song and one Kanye song.

Michael Jackson

They Don’t Really Care About Us is Michael’s most controversial song he ever composed. It’s controversial because of all the messages he sings about in his songs, but it’s not really controversial. It’s the truth and when the truth is sung or rapped, it’s called controversial.

Michael Jackson during his life had an unprecedented platform and dropping this song is the most significant thing because of the position that he put himself in. His voice reached the entire world. To me, Michael is the greatest entertainer/artist of all time and nobody will be better and for him to sing about what he sings about in this song, it’s vastly important because of the platform he had.

Kanye West

New Slaves is the most important song of this generation. There is absolutely no debate on that in my eyes. No artist other than Kanye West is capable of rapping about what he rapped about. Performing the song on SNL which is a TV show that is mostly watched by middle America. We’re all slaves.

It’s the truth and slavery still exists. I even wrote 10 reasons why the 2nd verse on New Slaves is the best verse in history. In my eyes, New Slaves is Tupac’s Changes. It’s that big and that important.



Michael Jackson and Kanye West discography pushes new ground for music. With each album they dropped and with Kanye continuing to drop, it has pushed the sound of music. I will write about two defining albums by each artist.

Michael Jackson

Thriller might be the only thing, I need to write. Just that one word alone, I could just stop writing and if you’re a music lover, you would just understand the magnitude of the album title alone. Michael felt he was snubbed for all Off The Wall and felt that could never happen again. Michael would go on to create Thriller and change music and the world forever. MTV would be forced to play his videos because it was undeniable.

Barriers were being broken because of Michael that were never broken before by an African-American. Without Michael creating Thriller, music wouldn’t be what it is today. Simply put. Without Thriller, music wouldn’t be amazing as it is today. Michael is a once in a lifetime talent and him being African-American was the game changer.

Kanye West

Graduation. Kanye West’s Graduation changed rap music as we knew it. 50 Cent losing to Kanye West marked the end of the dominance of the gangster rap era. Kanye breaking that barrier helped many artist come into rap, that I will name later. Just like Michael, Kanye West is a once in a life time artist and I’m not going to wait until he passes away to say it. He changed music history with all of his albums so far, but Graduation which is my favourite Kanye West album changed everything.

Sidenote : 808s & Heartbreak was very close to being picked as the album, but I did write about much it changed music.



Michael had a Flim and Kanye West had a flim. Both of them absolutely incredible, but of course, Michael’s Is better. Instead of writing about the films, I’ll let the films speak for themselves.

Michael Jackson

Kanye West



Michael Jackson and Kanye West culturally have impacted Fashion.

Michael Jackson

Iconic is the word that best describes his outfits. His Smooth Criminal all white outfit, His Dangerous Era outfits, The Red Jacket, The Gloves, The Socks, Do I need to go on? Kanye West actually said something about Michael’s Bad 25 Special on ABC

12:34 to 12:50 

Kanye West

Kanye brought Fashion and Rap together. Many rappers before him have talked about fashion, but both groups weren’t mutually together, but Kanye changed that. Writing about fashion is definitely not my strongest suite, but Kanye’s influence on Fashion is undeniable.

To the point where, many websites are just about how Kanye West dresses and how you can dress like him. What he does and what he wears matters, that’s influence and he is the most influential fashion figure right now.



The Beatles Connection 

Michael had a connection with the Beatles and Now Kanye Does.

Michael Jackson

The Beatles is the most significant group in the history of music. Sir Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson made two songs together, Say Say Say and The Girl Is Mine in the 80s. Them coming together is important in music culture because it shows that there are no barriers in music and colour. My favourite of the two song is The Girl Is Mine.

Kanye West

Kanye just released a new song called Only One and it features Sir Paul McCartney. As an artist, collaborating with the member from the Beatles would be for me on of the highest honours in music. Later in Kanye West’s career when we look more into his influence and legacy as an artist, collaborating with Sir Paul McCartney will be up there. If you haven’t heard the song, here it is.



Michael Jackson married a high-profile person in his lifetime and Kanye is currently married to one right now.

Michael Jackson

There is one person Michael is always compared to and that is Elvis Presley and in his lifetime he would marry his daughter Lisa Marie. This garnered huge media attention toward the couple and at the MTV music awards, in front of everyone and the media, he shared a kiss with her. Their high profiled marriage would only last two years.

Kanye West

Kanye Kardashian. That is what Charlamagne Tha God called Kanye when he went on the Breakfast Club in 2013. Kanye and Kim marriage is one of the most or maybe the most highly profiled marriage in the media. They attract the most attention from the media more than any other couple. They have a child together unlike, Michael’s high profile marriage. Will they be married forever? Only time will tell.




When it comes to technical aspects of music, both Michael Jackson and Kanye West are gifted.

Michael Jackson

This Demo of Beat it is the only thing, I need to prove how technically gifted Michael Jackson is.

Kanye West

I’ll just post 4 big songs that Kanye produced to illustrate how gifted he is in producing greatness.

Song : Izzo (H.O.V.A)

Song : Let The Beat Build

Song : Dreams

Song : Heart Of The City



Pictures below speak for themselves.

Michael Jackson


Kanye West




Michael Jackson’s Influence is unparalleled and Kanye West’s influence is evident.

Michael Jackson

Every artist today is influenced by him. Every single artist you know is influenced by him. Through the music videos, through the dance moves, through the genre bending, everything. Without him, like, I said, music wouldn’t be the same as it is today.


Kanye West

Without Kanye West, you don’t have Drake. Without Kanye West, would Jay Z have been the Jay Z of today? Without Kanye West, you don’t have Childish Gambino, Logic and Kid Cudi. Without 808s and Heartbreak, you don’t have a lot more artist you see today. Kanye West is the Michael Jackson of our current music era and his legacy is still ongoing. Whether he stops making music and goes on to fashion is his choice. He already changed music, can he really do more than what he has already achieved, can he in his own words, get much higher?



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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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