The Fake Importance Of Being Popular On Social Media

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Why do people care about having a lot of followers on Twitter? Why do people care about getting a lot of likes and follows on Instagram? Remember when people cared about having many friends on Facebook? Facebook might as well be a graveyard now. People might still care though about having many friends on Facebook, but they really need to stop that. You could have a million followers on Twitter, but if you aren’t trying to make money from that or use that attraction to network with people, then what does it matter?

Imagine being popular on Social Media: You turn off your phone or computer and you go into the real world, nobody knows who you are. Those millions of followers are living online, not in real life. Now, this brings up an interesting issue within this post. Where is the real distinction between what is real and what is fake? If the Internet isn’t real, then what do you call cyber-bullying? If the internet is real, then why are people who are have big on the internet, not known in the real world? Are we just supposed to understand what’s real and fake? Maybe the internet is real and fake.

Now, for people who are big on social media, if you were in their shoes, think about this, if you’re big somewhere, would you ever leave that place? Its like this powerful illusion of popularity. I think its human nature to want to be considered cool or popular, but in this generation it’s wanted more so, with social media. Everybody wants the juice. People who have a lot of followers online, will stay online and this will make them live less in the real world. The crazy part of that is, to them being on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, that is the real world.

For me personally, The internet becomes real life if you use it like real life. Network with people online, talk with your friends online, share your self online, but not overly though. Like post music, tweet about your life, but don’t ever post things you shouldn’t. The internet for me becomes fake when people are trying to get people’s attention. Doing things you wouldn’t do in the real world.  Being popular online is fake when you don’t do anything with it. It’s just an illusion and it’s just a fake self-esteem boost. It really is like an addiction.

If someone who had a million followers, just deleted their social media account, started living in the real world and finally realizing the real world, they would probably relapse and go back online because it’s easier. Now, even celebrities who are big in real life and online, don’t give you the bigger picture. They show you going to parties, getting ready to go out,and an all around life of luxury.

You want what they have because it’s considered cool. They don’t show you when they are bored or doing nothing. Even they give off a fake illusion. You hashtag your photos in hopes of getting more likes, you do anything in your power to get attention. So are you really living or you just pretending to live? At the end of the day, deep down people know that having a lot of followers and being big on social media means nothing, but not having that would be detrimental to them. This is our generation in a nutshell.


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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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