Why Is Childish Gambino So Underrated?

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I’ve seen Childish Gambino in concert in Buffalo, New York and in my city Toronto. Every single performance was incredible and his visuals for Deep Web Tour was mind-blowing. His visuals for Camp was amazing too. He is hands down the best singer-rapper (Sorry Drake). Speaking of Drake, Childish Gambino and him have the most similar back story. Childish Gambino had 30 Rock and Community and Drake had Degrassi.

Actor turned Rapper story is right there for both of them. The difference is Drake had the talent and got the co-sign and eventual sign from Lil Wayne. Childish Gambino had the talent, but not the co-sign. All the rappers considered top 3 right now have a co-sign attached to them. Drake has Lil Wayne, J Cole has Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar has Dr.Dre. Childish Gambino has his team and himself. Does Childish Gambino not having that top co-sign a reason why is he underrated? Maybe.

Last year Childish Gambino wasn’t even mentioned in Kendrick Lamar’s control verse and even though that doesn’t really mean much, that’s still interesting to note. Even though, I’m from Toronto and Drake is honestly my favourite rapper, Childish Gambino for me is the most relatable rapper to me.


I understand Childish Gambino. Being black and liking rock music or things that aren’t associated with black culture, people will call you white or not black. Coming from me, I watch hockey, I listen to indie music, rock music, all kinds of different music. It’s this classic stigma of being black, but not “acting” black. Is Childish Gambino not acting completely “black” a reason why he is so underrated? Maybe. Though, we’re all black, but were not really good to each other . Still, he can rap with the best of them and here is a song and a freestyle that Childish Gambino just shows that off.


Song : Eat Your Vegetables



Song : Pound Cake Freestyle


Here is 1 Songs that show Childish Gambino can really sing (he has so much more)


Song : Sober


Luckily this year, Childish Gambino was nominated for Grammies because he truly deserves that type of recognition. I don’t get it though, he really is the best singer who can rap. He really can rap with the best of them, to the point where he has said live, “I’m top 5” and he’s not lying.

As of August 2014, Because The Internet has sold over 300k copies. He sells out his shows all around. He sold 42k copies of his newest mixtape STN MTN/ Kauai. I don’t know why he is underrated by everyone, but to me, he isn’t really in the rap lane where Kendrick, Drake & J Cole reside. Childish Gambino is the leader of his own lane and maybe that’s better. He may be underrated to you, but he’s very important to me.


From The 6ix,With Love

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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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