July 25th To December 25th : 5 Months Have Already Passed

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I think, it just hit me that, i’ve actually had this website for five months now. Time really does fly, but still that’s crazy. Five months! I’ve only posted 255 times, well this being the 256 time. There are many different reasons why, I made this website, but I really don’t know why, I went to WordPress. I don’t know how it was already easy for me, to post and put videos and all of that. It was oddly, easy. As if, in a past life, I had already did this before.

The easiest part about this website, is thinking about ideas. Ideas for my post come easy to me, it’s the actual writing part that’s the hardest. I don’t know if it’s writers block or I’m lazy, but sometimes, I can’t write. I already have like a billion ideas, so I’m good in that sense.  Now, I don’t know what this website will be in 2015.

I know that, I really want to hit 100,000 views because then the website looks like something more than a blog. It’s a product at that point. It’s something at that point. 100,000 views in 7-8 months is almost impossible with only one writer and not even positing that much. I think, being a Journalism student, creating this website couldn’t have come at a better time honestly. There’s no future in print media and owning an online website is perfect.

Now, The views only matter because it means a lot to people. It’s the attraction and the actually following that you have garnered. All I care about is writing and the positive feedback. That’s all, I care about. The views just show growth for me and I’m proud of the growth. It’s not easy, it has never been easy, it’s a task everyday. Getting through August was the most important thing because my views weren’t doing great after the first week. Researching and understanding how to run a website in August got me here.

Now, because I always like to add some of my post ideas into posts like these, here are my top 5 most played songs on iTunes.


Artist : JPDREAMTHUG  (I also interviewed him!!!!!!)

Song : Foreign Everything

Plays : 468



Artist : BONES

Song : Lightning

Plays : 246




Song : Rose

Plays : 189



Artist : Yung Lean

Song : Lemonade

Plays : 172



Artist : Drake

Song : 6 God

Plays : 145


You want to know how, I have so many ideas for my website? I watch interviews like everyday of people that, I’m inspired by. Kanye West interviews more than anyone. When, I’m on the subway and I look around at how people talk or things like that, I get inspired by a post. When, I’m at a party and I see people on their phones instead of talking, there’s an idea right there. When people delete their Instagram pictures, that was in one of my posts. My inspiration comes from everybody around me and that’s the heart of the website. The soul of the website is showing people that, If I can do this, you can do it. You can do anything you want to do.




From The 6ix


From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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