Here’s How The Grammys Actually Work

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The Top 4 Categories 

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The Rap Categories 

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Here are some important terms 

Melody – a sequence of single notes that is musically satisfying.

Commercial – making or intended to make a profit.

Prominence – the state of being important or famous.

Put these three terms into a sentence and you get this ; An artist that is famous that has a song that is musically appealing and the song had to have been profitable.


The Rap Categories 

I’m going to focus on this category for this post. I’m going to be explaining the more, debated section more so than the other ones. Nobody really cares about the performance Grammy, people care about the rap song and rap album category, so i’ll focus on those two. People might care, but that’s not of my concern right now. I’ll start with rap song with past winners.

Rap Song

Past 3 Winners

2014 – Thrift Shop

2013 – Niggas In Paris

2012 – All Of The Lights

Each song has a melody, each song is filled with lyrics and all of these songs had prominence in their year. Let’s check out where these songs charted.

Year : 2014

Song : Thrift Shop

Billboard Chart : #1


Year : 2013

Song : Niggas In Paris

Billboard Chart : #5


Year : 2012

Song : All Of The Lights

Billboard Chart : #18


All three of these songs were considered song of the year. All of these songs would go on to win the Grammy for best rap song. These artists are rapping, they have lyrics and they have a melody. Everything the Grammys are looking for.

Rap Album

Past 3 Winners

2014 – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

2013 – Drake

2012 – Kanye West

Now, if you combine commercial success with an album, adding with singles that have melodies in it, it’s no wonder these artists won. Let’s check where these albums charted.

Year : 2014

Album : The Heist

Billboard Chart : #2


Sidenote : ( Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were #2 and #1 was Mumford & Sons and the album Babel would go on to win the Grammy for album of the year)

Year : 2013

Album : Take Care

Billboard Chart : #1


Year : 2012

Album : My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Billboard Chart : #1


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are the second white artists to win the Grammy for best rap album. Eminem was the only one before them. If we’re going to talk politics about the Grammys, Eminem lost the Grammy for album of the year with his most critically acclaimed album; The Marshall Mathers LP. If we’re going to talk about history, Young MC won the Grammy with Bust A Move against Public Enemy’s Fight The Power.

This is Michael Jackson’s comments about rap in the 2007 Ebony Interview

“The rap thing, that is happening now,” Jackson said. “When it came out, I always felt that it was gonna take more of a melodic structure to make it more universal…”

The Grammys have had snubs in every category. The best album or artists sometimes never win and that’s the way it is. Most of the times, the commercial artist wins, which the Grammys basically says in their guide. Look at the history of the Grammy’s and you will see people in different categories getting snubbed. Look at the politics of the Grammys’s and you will see a black or white artist didn’t win because of politics.

Sure, we would like to think the best album deserves to win, but that’s not what the Grammys are really is about, in the context of their guide. It’s about how commercial that album was, how commercial that artist was in that year. Michael Jackson’s Thriller defined that year. Michael won 8 Grammys alone from Thriller. Michael Jackson was so good, his music was undeniable, regardless of his skin colour. He paved the way for artists after him. What should do you, stop attacking artists because of their skin colour. They have nothing to do with the Grammys and how it works. Michael Jackson didn’t attack the Grammys or the people who beat him because he felt Off The Wall was snubbed, he went and created Thriller.

Michael Jackson 6


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