60,000 views in 133 days

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60,000 views in 4 months. Where does one even begin to explain how, I got to this point this fast? All I know is, I did this all by myself. I achieved this with no help. Nobody taught me about SEO. Nobody taught me how to run a website. I’ve asked people for help, some people gave advice, some said they had no time to help. I went out of my own way to ask people for help. Nobody lent a hand and said, I can help you.

I tweeted out to the Brazil account and that got my post retweeted. That blew up my blog in it’s first week, but that didn’t help much after that died down. There were many points in August where, I thought, well this is the time where my views will go down. Time to just stop writing and understand its over. Then you had people on Facebook saying, stop talking about all your views and all your countries. Like, If you don’t add anything to the conversation, don’t say anything. Don’t even talk about my website. After that, I did something though. I researched extensively throughout August, I started understanding what it meant to run a website. My motivation and my drive and my creativity has pushed this website to 60,000 views.

In the beginning, nobody cared about my website. Not even my friends. They down played the whole thing. Saying, what I achieved wasn’t even success. Oh, how many views do you have now? Like in a shitty sarcastic way. They care now though, because they get that, It means something to me. I actually did started believing that though, that I haven’t achieved anything at that time. I remember talking about how 100,000 views was my goal and someone thought that would be impossible. Ha! kind of funny now that, I think about it. My self esteem grew in September, when I got an email from someone who told me, I had success. The person who replied to me wasn’t from Toronto. He was from New York. Someone who didn’t know me, told me what, I knew in my heart.

That confidence boost in September kept me pushing and pushing. Writing more, thinking of new ideas, balancing school. And that’s what people really don’t understand. I’m balancing school and running this website. It’s not easy. I’m basically living life-like, I already graduated college. Like, I already have that diploma and this website is the foundation of my future. Which honestly everybody should be doing. Everyone should be balancing school and their dream or job. So when you graduate, you have already built something. Instead of graduating and looking for work.

I then again, started to think about my website success. Started to doubt myself again. Then, someone else replied to my email that, I sent out. I told myself, around October, I want two people to notice my website or acknowledge it and that’s my dream. Ernest Baker and Drake were these two people. Now, I dream pretty big. It always pushes me because people think of things as impossible, so when, I do achieve things, it’s always disproving people. Now, Ernest Baker actually replied to me. This made me realize that this is what I want. This is my dream, this is everything. Those two emails continue to push me to where, I need to be. Ernest Baker is my favourite writer and someone who, I genuinely just get. Him replying to my email means so much too me. Still got dreams of Drake noticing the website, maybe one day. Ernest Baker though, still crazy that he replied to me.

It took people outside of Toronto to tell me, I had some sort of success. I honestly can write for the rest of my life. I think a lot, so I write a lot. 60,000 views in 4 months. How did I do this? Research. Writing won’t give you views. Understanding how to run a website will give you 60,000 views. like, I said when, i hit 10,000 views. 1 view is incredible, 10,000 views is out of this world. 60,000 views? That’s a blessing that, I can’t put into words.

6 Things, I Never Did 4 Months Ago 

– Designed A Shirt

– Started Doing Photography

– Reviewing Movies

– Using Gifs

– Interviewing People

You really can change your life, but it’s a lonely process. You have to strip yourself away from everything and really just focus on yourself. You want to design a shirt? Create the design, go downtown and produce it and create it. I created and designed a shirt and that was really fun. Want to do photography? Start taking photos, create a website and create a portfolio for yourself. Want to start doing music? Buy a mic and start using softwares. Honestly, you can do anything you want to do in this life, but you’re in your own way.

People can come to me and say, “wow 60k views”. See, I don’t even think, it’s that big of a deal. Like, it’s incredible, but I always feel like, I haven’t done enough. Honestly, it is pretty crazy, but I don’t see that yet. Guess, I’m just not satisfied. It took high school crap for me to start writing my novella. That was the first time, I channeled my energy into writing. Though if were being completely honest, I put myself in any situation in my life and I’m glad all of that happened. It showed me how people work and how the world works. Now, It took Brazil losing 7-1, for me to write again. I created this website and honestly you have to go through hell to get to heaven, word to that MTV Show. Nobody can truly help you, so start believing in yourself.

Next stop 70k


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