Don’t Live In The Past, Learn From It : Life Talk #15

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It always saddens me, when I think about how, I’ll never see Michael Jackson live. How, I’ll never see Nirvana live with Kurt or how Tupac died so young. The thing about that is, situations that happened in the past effect how, I feel in the present. I feel sad because of what happened in the past. This is something, that I should stop doing.

Instead, I should focus on the positives things from the past, so I can feel positive in the future. For example, Youtube allows me to re-live concert footage from Michael Jackson’s concerts. I still have his music, but this isn’t just a problem, I face. Everybody can say they face this problem.

We think about the past and how we regret things we did. Thinking about how, you should have handled situations more differently. Thinking about how, It could all be better, if you never made that mistake. The problem is, the past shouldn’t make you sad or you shouldn’t feel regret. You should find the mistakes you made and learn from them. Living in the past will only make you upset about the present.

Learning from the past will give you a clear understanding of your present and a positive outlook on your future. Old people will tell you, I wish I could have done all these things when, I was your age. It’s the old tale of regret and missed opportunities or missed time. Instead, they should be telling you about all the wonderful things they achieved. It’s easy to feel regret, then to learn from a mistake and move on. Moving on takes thinking and people don’t really like to think.

I think for the first time today, I’ve realized that, i’ve been living too much into the past. I need to start learning from it, so I can live properly in the present. Don’t live in the past, learn from it.


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