How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren’t Real : Understanding Jaden Smiths Genius

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Now, I’m not Jaden Smith, I don’t know exactly what he meant by this tweet. I do know one thing though, It made me think. At first, I was laughing because It didn’t make sense. At the first take, It gives you that WTF vibe; however, when you really think about it, it’s actually really deep.

Jaden Smith is 16 years old and “How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren’t Real.” Is probably, one of the deepest things I have ever read. What does he mean by this? I don’t know. He made me really think though and this is my take on this. When you look at a mirror, you see your own reflection. How do you see your own reflection? Through your eyes.

So, If our eyes aren’t real than how can mirrors be real? How can we perceive our own reflection of ourselves as real when we look around ourselves in society and see a different reflection of ourselves. Deep down, you know who you are; however, people around you see you differently. Some people can hate you for who you are. Our eyes everyday see images and flashes that are used to brainwash or program us. TV? Media? All these things we see with our eyes and listen with our ears.

We have no control of what we see with our eyes unless we close it. Media and advertisements are everywhere and when we are born, we have TV’s in our house. It’s the norm. Not everyone has a TV, but generally speaking. If what we’re seeing in the world is an illusion, than our eyes aren’t real. How are they not real? Because they are being controlled. What were seeing isn’t real and that’s a deep thought. Now, who knows If Jaden Smith tweeted that with this same thought as me. It honestly doesn’t matter. Why doesn’t it matter?

Because Jaden Smith made me think. A 16 Year old, made me think. We are controlled by the world around us and I’ve stated this in my “Stop Being A Slave To Society.” Our eyes aren’t real, we see things that we have to try to understand, but we aren’t really controlling what we see, all we are doing is understanding what we see. Jaden Smith really is a genius in the way he thinks, but people in society don’t like to think, they just like to judge. Everybody’s a critic, but everybody hates to be criticized.

This explanation of this tweet doesn’t even have to make sense, but if makes you think, then i’ve already achieved my goal.


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3 comments on “How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren’t Real : Understanding Jaden Smiths Genius

  1. I came across Jaden’s quote tonight for the first time, and was perplexed by it. I wondered…is this kid mentally disturbed or hinting at an epiphany? You are the first person I’ve found that actually took the time to ruminate a moment and rationalize the meaning of Jaden’s words, and I thank you for that! I believe Jaden had a valid point he was making, and not merely “trying desperately to be deep” as others have said.

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