Your Expectations Of People Disappoint You, They Don’t Disappoint You

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There are things in life that we expect. When we say, Hi to someone, we expect the same back. When we text someone, we expect the same back. When you call someone, you expect them to pick up the phone. When these things don’t happen, you’re disappointed in them for not doing what you thought they would do. You wonder to yourself, is it me? Does this person not want to talk to me? Am I being ignored?

In reality, you have this idea in your head of how this person should react to you. You expect this person to text you back, Why? Because you have it in your head your friends with this person? What if this person doesn’t see you as a friend? The idea in your head is what you’re really disappointed with, not the person. You had this idea in your head of reciprocation before you send out a message, an idea of give and take. Give out a text and take one back.

What it boils down to Is, this idea of loss of control . When you lose control, it’s frustrating. You just hope that the person texts you back or you hope to get a call back, but its crazy because you don’t know if it will happen. You hope it will happen, but it’s not a guarantee. So, what should you do?

Don’t expect anything from anyone. It’s that simple. If you don’t expect things, then you won’t be disappointed. You won’t be waiting by your phone waiting for a text that might never come. When you send that Hey, that person could be reading that and ignoring it. Or, on Facebook when you see that your messaged is read.

You feel disappointed with the person, but again, it isn’t the person, it’s you. You send out the message and you let someone have the power to disappoint you. It’s this idea of control and when you send out that message, you don’t have that anymore and that’s why we over think. Every minute, you don’t get a response, you over think. Don’t expect anything and you will never be disappointed. Remember, you really are your own worst enemy.


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