Stop Being A Slave To Society

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I almost died when I was 3 months old. The surgery was 50/50. It’s a miracle, I’m typing this. I thank god everyday. Maybe, that’s why I reflect on life more than the average person. I’d say, I was born different, but I wasn’t. Many people all around the world have had those chances and a lot of people have the same heart defect I have. I am different though. Different from anybody, I know. Nobody around me has been in the hospital like I have. Nobody can truly relate to me. That’s why, I think, I’m more reflective about life.

I don’t view myself, I view the world around myself. I reflect about my life a lot, but I think about the world around me more. The society we live in is amazing. Living in 2014 is amazing. Yet, there are so many underlining issues that are so prevalent that nobody wants to ever change. I’m going to talk about them now below.

Talking To The Opposite Sex

Can you really talk to the opposite sex without their being this idea that you like them? Its like saying, can you truly have a guy or girl best friend? Say, for example, you have a guy or girl best friend and you are around them 24/7. What happens when this guy or a girl gets a boyfriend or girlfriend? The attention that you once had with this person is gone. Is this the time you realize you actually like this person more than a friend?

What if you genuinely just want to talk to the opposite sex? You just want to have a simple conversation. You know what the real truth is? You can’t. The society we live in has imprinted this idea in our minds that every time you approach the opposite sex, it’s for more than a conversation. There’s always this hidden agenda, there is always that idea of the implication of wanting more. Now, i’m not speaking from experience, I’m speaking from seeing this all happen around me. Even in TV shows and movies. You message somebody and say, Let’s grab a meal or let’s catch up some time and see a movie. The implication is that you don’t want a meal, you wan’t more. That is why the society we live in isn’t that amazing.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you, many people of any sex will say let’s grab a meal and actually want more, but some people just want that. It doesn’t matter though, because the implication will always be there. How can you take away the implication? Stop being a slave to society. Take a chance on the meal, maybe then you will see the true intention instead of thinking otherwise and letting society control your decision.


Everybody is a slave to consumerism. Buying new clothes, buying anything. Materialistic values that really mean nothing. People really believe that owning a piece of clothing actually makes them better than others. It’s horrible to even type that, but its true. You can’t even have a conversation with people these days, everybody is a slave to their phones. Texting every second, tweeting every second, taking the best photo on Instagram, Snapchating their lives. All these things aren’t even living.

I’ll admit, texting is easier. It’s quicker and just really easy. The difference is that hearing someones voice is better than reading words, but that’s not how society sees it. Texting is the norm. Being materialistic is the norm. We’re not living anymore. Am I victim to society? Am I a slave to society? Yes, I am. You have to be a slave in society to live in society. You have to conform because if you don’t, you will be lonely and you will be hard pressed at being succesful; however, there are ways in which you don’t have to.

Call people. Spend your money more wisely and think. Think about what you’re doing instead of seeing what others are doing. We are influenced by the people around us. It’s hard not to be influenced, but if you just have to think. If you truly think about things, you will in at least a sense, will stop being a slave to society. Kanye West said, “Wait, until I get my money right.” Yet, years later he would announce we are new slaves.

False Sense Of Admiration 

People can take a photo with a celebrity and people will be jealous in society because of this. I mean, I’m not going to lie, if you get a photo with someone I admire, I would be jealous, but why? Because I wish it was me? Why does that matter though? What it really boils down to Is that people care about how others see them. If people see you with people they think are cool, they will admire you. The feeling of admiration is a powerful thing. Yet, it truly is nothing. You don’t really love yourself, you love that people love you and admire you and sooner or later it won’t feel amazing.

What do you have to do? You have to stop caring about how other people view you. If you don’t then you’re not actually living. You’re a slave to those around you and how they view you. You will never find genuine admiration, you will never really be cool and you will never be happy. Deep down, people who get high off likes on Instagram know this already. Admitting it actually means nothing is a tough pill to swallow, but when you do, you will finally stop being a slave to society.

The Idea Of School 

It doesn’t matter how prestigious your school is. It doesn’t matter at all. You can have the highest grades, apply for a job and somebody who has networking abilities, a person who knows how to talk, but doesn’t have your high grades could take your dream job from you. Why? Because that is how life actually works. Nothing in school prepared me to run a website, I learned all of this on the internet. So why do you care that your school is ranked number 1 in Canada? Does this prove you went to the right school? Does this mean you’re better than somebody who doesn’t go to your school? What does this truly prove?

You know what you have to start doing? You have to network and you have to start now. If you continue to be a slave in society and do everything the way everyone else is doing it, you will end up with a bachelor’s degree that will lead you nowhere. How many people have parents that set them up with jobs? How many people know people who give them the job edge after university? So many people, so why are you not networking? To the people who are, I commend you.

Think about Harvard? You view this school as one of the biggest universities in the world. Here is a quote that might make you truly think. “Harvard undergraduates believe that inventing a job is better than finding a job.” Mark Zuckerberg went to Harvard and what did he do? He invented a job for himself. Mark never did graduate from Harvard. Stressing about your grades? If you aren’t networking, you shouldn’t be stressing about your grades, you should be stressing about life after university. University and worrying about grades is paradise compared to what kind of life you will face.

Final Thoughts

Everyday, I’m learning. Will I contradict myself and do things that I know I shouldn’t? Will I be a slave to society in the ways, I’ve mentioned? Maybe, because at the end of the day we are all human. We are all afraid of failure, so much that we don’t even try. We don’t try to call people because texting is easier. Failing is easier than trying. All I can say is, think. Take a chance and think. When someone messages you and says let’s grab a meal, take away the implication and think about all the good things that could happen instead of the negative. Instead of buying that $1000 dollar sneaker, think about how many gifts you can buy for your family or friends. Instead of stressing about school, think about life after school. All I can say is think.

How do you stop being a slave to society? By thinking.


From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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