Losing Interest? : Life Talk #14

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The headline of this post can mean anything when you read it. Losing interest in what? That depends on how you view the question. You can lose interest in many things in your life. You can lose interest in being around certain people. You can lose interest in school. You can lose interest in things that you thought you loved. You can lose interest in a boyfriend or girlfriend.

In this post, I’ll tell you my biggest fear at this point. It’s losing interest in this website. Right now, I love writing on my website. I love everything I created and every single section I write about. My biggest fear is one day, I’ll be bored with it. I’ll lose interest in it. Now, this isn’t a bad thing, I’d lost interest and find something else to do.

But what if I never feel interested in something for a long time? What if I eventually always get bored at some-point ? That is my biggest fear. On November 25th, it will mark 4 months of me running this website. I never imagined something so simple would amount to all of this. I never created this website for it to turn out the way it has. I created it just so  people can see my writing style and see what i’m interested in. Then, I kind of fell in love with it. I didn’t really create more sections because I wanted to, I did that because I really was writing/talking about so many things in the beginning.

Its kind of this thing where, I could have the website, working on my novella/novel, working on my song mixes on my sound cloud and still feel like I haven’t done enough. My fear is that one day, I’ll tell myself, there’s no point to this and that will be the point I lose interest.

Maybe, i’ll lose interest in my sound cloud, maybe my website or even my novella. That is probably my biggest fear. Losing interest is a horrible thing. It’s the realization that you don’t want something anymore. You’ve either outgrown it or you got to the point where you have fulfilled what you wanted.

At this point, I have not lost interest in anything, i love everything I’m doing, but losing interest is my biggest fear at this point. If you feel like you have lost interest in something then make a change. Realize that it’s time and move on. It’s incredibly hard, but its necessary to grow as a person.


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3 comments on “Losing Interest? : Life Talk #14

  1. Hey Jibril

    If you want my little piece of advice on how to be a better writer and also make this site more appealing to people willing to follow your writer’s journey, I would say to start off with checking grammar-related things, such as capitalizing “I”s excessive use of commas. It honestly makes everything so much neater and crisper, and it’s a very valued thing for practising and aspiring journalists. Yes, content and style are very important for retaining reader interest, but our subconscious minds are wired to appreciate things that are perfect in every aspect.

    Not trying to negatively criticize you in any sort of way, I honestly feel happy when I get to help people out 🙂


    • “I know some people think I’m a terrible writer because my shit doesn’t read like an MFA [Master of Fine Arts] essay or whatever. And that’s cool because I probably am a terrible writer. I’m just speaking from the heart and that’s why I’ve been able to do something with myself. I’m just trying to connect with people who feel the same way and let people know they’re not alone in the way that they think and feel …” – Ernest Baker


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