Fury Review (Spoiler Alert)

Check out the review below and there will be some spoilers, so yeah. The trailer for the movie is below.

Brief Description Of Movie

As the Allies make their final push in April 1945, an army sergeant named Wardaddy played by Brad Pitt commands a tank named Fury and heads a five-man crew on a deadly mission inside Germany. With one of their members killed, they are given a rookie soldier to help them and with that face overwhelming odds in their attempts to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany.


Fury is starring Brad Pitt, Shia Labeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Peña and Jon Bernthal. This movie isn’t just a simple war movie about World War II. This movie makes you feel like, you were in the war. As someone who watched the movie, well obviously, It was terrifying, it was horrific and you were scared to look at the screen at times. It was a psychological masterpiece. The person you relate to the most in the movie would be Lorgan Lerman’s character, Norman “ Machine “ Ellison. From being a typist in the war to being thrown into the war in the Fury tank which Norman had never been apart of. As well, had never even see the wreckage of the war. My review will be about Logan Lerman’s character because for me it best describes the movie.

With Logan Lerman’s character, you felt like you were him the entire movie. All the horrific scenes, him crying in fear telling himself he can’t do this. How he couldn’t kill another human being. There was this really dark score in the movie where when you heard it, you knew the Germans were coming. This movie was honestly terrifying. The war was horrible and this movie was dead on in showing it. The way Norman lost his innocence being apart of the Tank Fury, it was heartbreaking.

This is especially true in a scene where their tank Fury and other people take over a German town in a battle. Brad Pitt’s character,  Don “ Wardaddy” Collier and Norman enter a home with two German ladies hiding. One of the girls was around Norman’s age and he catches feelings for her. Once they leave their house, bombs drop on where they are and the German girl who he was just talking to is killed. In complete shock and dissary, Norman loses his innocence because he lost something. This scene is where Norman finally starts hating the Nazis and starts killing them with hate in his heart. Hate that he never had.

On a major side note, Michael Peña, Jon Bernthal and especially Shia Labeouf were incredible in this film. Acting was incredible from all the men in the Fury tank. This movie was dark, horrific, disgusting, dirty and horrible. Everything I can imagine the War was really like. It makes you wonder how humans could have treated each other like this. Shia Labeouf character, Boyd “ Bible” Swan said a similar line to Norman. How once he sees what people can do to each other, he will never be the same.

The end scene battle with the Fury tank facing off against all the Germans was the most terrifying scene all year. It was the 5 of them against at least 300 Germans. I was honestly scared for them. It was a movie that I was emotionally invested in and I felt what the characters felt. It was everything you want in a movie. The best movies are the movies that connect with you. This movie really made me feel like I was in the movie. It truly is a psychological masterpiece. I highly recommend this movie.

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