Justin Bieber Took Over R&B In 2013 For 10 Weeks Through His Music Mondays

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Being completely honest, I’ve never really liked Justin Bieber. Like his music was good, but I never went out of my way to add it to my iTunes. Even though, he’s canadian and I’m canadian. I did though, add the Runaway Love remix with Kanye West. When Justin Bieber introduced Music Mondays and announced his journals album, I really didn’t care. Then, I heard he sampled Craig David Fill Me In and I was like alright, he has my attention. That song turned out to be fire.


I was like, okay this is incredible. Then Justin Bieber really gave us an incredible song every single week. I was like every other Bieber fan, I was waiting for it, to be monday. Forget all the controversy around him, forget who he is as a person in the medias eye. Justin Bieber took over R&B for 10 weeks. Every monday felt like a blessing. This songs is still incredible and this is probably my favourite. On his young Justin Timberlake flow.

This album and these songs in my eyes feel under appreciated, so I had to make this post to illustrate how good this album is. I mean, Justin Bieber gave us an incredible album. This wasn’t Baby, no knock to that song, but this was real emotion. This was real.

All I know is, I became a fan of Justin Bieber because of this album. He is only 20/21, so he has a lot of years ahead of him to be even better and to mature. Justin Bieber took over for 10 weeks and made me fan. Listen to the album below, if you haven’t listened to before.


From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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