Grades Don’t Matter, Start Networking

Check out the post below and it’s more so directed to University/College students.

Has there ever been a time where you didn’t study for a test and got an A? Did you get lucky on the multiple choice and true and false? I’ll admit, I have done extremely well on tests that I haven’t particularly studied for. Now, I’m not saying grades don’t matter, I’m saying it really doesn’t show true intelligence.

For example, Someone can be failing school in grade 10 and grade 11 and then do well in grade 12 and get into university/college. Though, people will tell this person that you aren’t smart in grade 10 and grade 11, but through hard work that example can happen. Now, think about this example. You’re an A+ student and you are seen as the smartest person. You try and go for a job and realize somebody has a better connection then you and gets the job. That my friends is the real world. Who you know is more important than any grade you get.

And if you have an A+ and you didn’t get the job, the gif below is how you feel


It’s so true though, you can be the most qualified individual for the job, but if someone wants the same job as you and knows people, then that connection is more powerful than your intelligence. Grades don’t measure true intelligence, because someone who isn’t an A+ student can be smart enough to network while the A+ student hasn’t. So, start networking. Start talking to people in your profession that you want to get into. Find professors in your campuses and start talking to them. Go on Linkedin and find people.

While you are struggling with grades and trying to be an A+ student, someone somewhere is getting the connection that will put all your handwork to no avail. As well, when you graduate and hand in a resume, your employer will probably not care that you were an A+ student.

“You can get all A’s and still flunk life.”
– Walker Percy


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