Ironic Depressed Swag : Life Talk #11

I don’t usually do another life talk this fast. I usually get inspired, but i got inspired for this one really quickly. So check it out below.

Tyler, The Creator tweeted something last night and within it he wrote“ Ironic Depressed Swag.” Now for the longest time, I couldn’t quite put into words how I felt about this. Tyler, The Creator perfectly summed it up. Its like people acting sad, but who aren’t really sad, like its cool or something to be sad. Yung Lean has his sad boy movement, but he isn’t actually sad. This is Yung Lean’s reasoning as to why he is sad from his Noisey interview. All credit to Noisey, just using this to illustrate my point.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 11.22.20 PM

See? Yung Lean isn’t actually sad himself, It’s the things around him that make him sad. If those artist were around him, he would happy. I’m a huge fan of Yung Lean and that is evident in my website, just search his name in my website. When I listen to his music, i’m not sad, i’m happy. Even when I say “Sad Boys” its just a thing. Like “Coke Boys” it’s just a thing, you don’t take it seriously. Like, really seriously.

For some reason, people say they are depressed because its like trendy right now, like yeah I don’t even know, its weird. A lot of people are in this world  depressed, but a lot of people who aren’t mis-use the word. For example, I mis-use this word. When Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany, I said I was depressed. I’m not actually depressed, I was just incredibly sad and I got over it. Funny enough, I got over it by writing about it on my website. The Brazil review is what i’m talking about. Way back, in like July.

Like if you tweet that you’re depressed, you’re not depressed. Depression and mental illness is hidden really well by people who have it. That’s why you see health posters saying speak up. Like the one below.


Look at Drake, same person who gives us emotional music, even say’s he isn’t a sad person. Watch from 0:11 – 1:01

Crazy example, but just imagine you tweet out, “you’re depressed” on Twitter and you didn’t even mean it. Like, truly mean it. Then, you accidentally die within the day and that was your last tweet on twitter. Yes, this is a pretty crazy example. People will read your tweets after you die and think, well this person was depressed. Look at the photo below, that’s the media. Your one little tweet about how you were depressed even though, you have tweeted about other stuff will be looked at the most. The picture below illustrates that the media can change the situation.


Now, It isn’t cool to be depressed because there are people who are actually depressed and not speaking up. I’ll be the first to admit, that i’ve mis-used the word and now I understand that its wrong to do that. Will you admit it? If you are depressed and reading this, speak up. It’s okay to be sad, just if the sadness doesn’t go away, you need to speak to someone which would probably be really hard, but try and speak up, someone will truly care.


From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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