Gone Girl Review (Spoiler Alert)

There are spoilers, so i’m warning you now. If you don’t care, check out the post below. The trailer is below.

Gone Girl is a mystery/thriller movie starring Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne. This movie is based upon the book of the same name by Gillian Flynn. This movie was commercialized as a movie about Ben Afflecks wife Amy Elliott-Dunne who is played by Rosamund Pike who has gone missing. This movie is much deeper than that though. One huge aspect you learn from this movie is the role of the media in life.

When Nick finds out his wife is missing, he calls the police. The police start looking around the house and questioning Nick. He doesn’t know it yet, but the police are thinking he could have played a role in his wife missing. Because his wife is famous, for her books that she has written, the media is all over this story. When a press conference is held to get the word out, Nick doesn’t look concerned in the medias eyes. While Amy’s parents are crying, he just seems relaxed. He is just being himself; however, his demeanour makes him look guilty.

Throughout the movie, Nick is trying to defend himself from the media. He is trying to defend his side of the story and telling people he didn’t kill his wife. He doesn’t help himself in this because he was planing on divorcing his wife. He was cheating on her before she went missing. The girl he was having an affair with went public to the media just before he was going to announce that. Now, Nick was looking even worse in the publics eye. While this was all happening we learned that Amy framed him and was hiding out at an apartment. Meanwhile, the media was calling Nick a psychopath and a murderer. Amy   framed him and made it looked like he killed her because she found out about his cheating.

When Nick finally talked to the media properly, Amy was watching from where she was hiding. At this point, Amy had to leave the apartment she was staying at and was so desperate she called someone she referred to as her stalker. This is a person she called a stalker and crazy. When she heard was Nick was saying in the media, this prompted her to want to return back home. While she was staying at her stalkers house, played by Neil Patrick Harris she realized she was stuck. He had cameras all around the house and she was basically in prison. She then made it looked like she was kidnapped by him and raped. She killed him looking like it was self-defence. Amy was very meticulous and calculating. Really crazy, but insanely smart at the fact she knew was she was doing.

How did this all eventually pan out? Amy returned home and Nick was vindicated from the media. The police and the media bought her story of being kidnapped by her former boyfriend slash stalker. The media then called Nick a victim of all of this and he went back to being in the good graces of the public. He went from being a psychopath in the publics eye to being a victim. The amount of attention from the media because of all of this made Nick and Amy famous. Nick was stuck with Amy because Amy said if you leave now, the media will attack you again. Amy said I killed for you and this is what marriage is about.

What did I learn from this movie? Amy as crazy as she was, was just using the world to her advantage. The media is a powerful tool and she made the media think her husband killed her and if she stayed hidden, he would have been given the death penalty in Missouri if found guilty. Instead she came back a hero of being kidnapped and surviving. The media believed her story and ran with it. This movie was incredible, a masterpiece and the actors were insanely brilliant. This movie is an eye-opener of how powerful the media is. I Highly recommend it. Huge aspects of the movie are is the marriage between Nick and Amy and how the media handled the case. I picked the media to look at.

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