The Invincible Door And The Glass Ceiling : Life Talk #9

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I’ve had a lot of thoughts inside my head, trying to comprehend what’s happening. I’m getting so many views from all of these countries around the world and i’m reaching my view goals quicker then I had ever imagined. I don’t have anyone to talk to because I’ve done this all by myself and nobody around me can relate. Through all of this, there is one thing though that has become completely apparent to me.

Many people experience this and even artists today experience this. In society, if you ever want to achieve your dreams, there is an invincible door blocking you. What do I mean by this? The only way we see the invincible door is if its presented to us. The invincible door is a dreamworld to us, that people think it will never be showed or opened for them. How do we get a glimpse of this dreamworld? Through Instagram, through the media. We see the lives of the people inside the door, inside the elevator and we see it as a fantasy.

There are people who are already inside the invincible door and they are the people who can open the door for you. They are the ones who have the keys. You can be an incredible writer, an incredible dancer and incredible rapper. But, you will never get that door opened by yourself. How will you get the door opened?

You have to make those people notice you enough that they have to open the door. Always remember that they will only open the door for you for two reasons ; If they believe in you or if they want to exploit you. How does this relate to me? I love everything I’ve written so far, It’s been incredible to have all of this amazing feedback. Yet, with all the countries and the views, I’m still not recognized outside the internet and If I never had all the views and all the countries, would I have been noticed by people? I don’t think so personally.

All I want to be is recognized for my talent and the higher my views go, the higher the chance I’ll be recognized. For example, when I hit 100k views, there is a higher chance somebody who is well known will see my website and tweet it. And that could be the thing that sets off a chain of events. Now, what happens when you get noticed and the door opens?

Once the door opens, you enter an elevator of success. The higher your success, the higher you go up on the elevator. Some people are content with success and others want more. Those who want more reach the top of the elevator and reach a glass ceiling. This is where you see people above you, that you can never be with.

Who is dealing with this problem right now? Kanye West. That’s what Yeezus was about. That’s what his speeches were about in his Yeezus tour. The media called it rants, but It was speeches. The fact that Kanye West is asking for help is the biggest reason why I’m starting to ask for help. And If you truly want to understand Kanye West, listen to Can’t Tell Me Nothing and than listen to New Slaves.

Kanye West explains this better then me in the video below

45:23 : 46:09

So what do you take away from this? If you ever want to achieve your life dreams, you will need someone who has the keys to the invincible door. And If people won’t notice your talent, make them notice it.


From The 6ix,With Love

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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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