10 Reasons Why The 2nd Verse On New Slaves Is The Best Rap Verse Of All Time

find out the 10 reasons below

I’ve said it on my other posts and I’ll say it again. Kanye West is our Michael Jackson. I know, that’s a bold statement. Being the biggest Michael Jackson fan, I stand by it. Here our the 10 reasons why the 2nd verse on new slaves is the best rap verse of all time. The reasons are how powerful the lyrics are in the verse. I take a part of the verse and explain how powerful it is. The powerful meaning behind the lyric is the reason.

Reason #10


I Throw These Maybach Keys, I Wear My Heart On A Sleeve

The powerful meaning behind the lyric

Kanye West does not care about the car. He cares about being creative and being an artist. The big thing about this lyric is him saying ‘ I Wear My Heart On A Sleeve.’ Why?

Because if he never did that, he would have never made 808s & Heartbreak. Drake has already said many times that Kanye West opened the door for him and is a huge reason for his success. That album opened the door for many people, but if you consider how big Drake is now, imagine if Kanye West never showed his emotional side. 808s & Heartbreak was an influential album and I wrote about that in my other posts. You can find that by searching on my blog. Kanye West influenced Drake and Drake influenced Toronto. Without Kanye West, there is no Drake. So think about that.


Reason #9


I Know That We The New Slaves, I See The Blood On The Leaves

The powerful meaning behind the lyric

This is powerful because the blood on the leaves if relatable to the song it samples relates to money. The line money grows on trees. Money is the root of evil and consumerism. In our culture today, everybody is consumed by consumerism making us slaves. Kanye is not for sale and he knows what is happening around him. Slaves were hanged on trees. Consumerism kills.

This is only the beginning to the verse, so you know this is starting to become one of the best rap verses of all time


Reason #8


They Throwin’ Hate At Me, Want Me To Stay At Ease, Fuck You And Your Corporation, Y’all Niggas Can’t Control Me

The powerful meaning behind the lyric

The media tries to hurt Kanye West, but he is not backing down. After the Taylor Swift incident, the media was killing him for that. I mean really killing him for that. He came back and delivered My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Sort of like a Fuck You. I’m a genius. Kanye West can’t be controlled and he will do what ever he wants.

Every single artist who has ever been big has been attacked by the media. Every single one. The media brings you up and tears you down. Michael Jackson was crucified by the media, what happened when he died? Everybody loved him again. The corporations are trying to control artists and Kanye West is saying you can’t control me. No matter what they do. Even President Obama called him a jackass for speaking his mind.

Reason #7


I Know That Pussy Ain’t Free,

You Niggas Pussy, Ain’t Me

Y’all Throwing Contracts At Me, You Know That Niggas Can’t Read

The powerful meaning behind the lyric

Kanye West is saying that he can’t be bought off. He is not free and he will not sell out. Kanye West has said all these things and the verse isn’t even close to being done. Artist think about how much money they are getting and sign fast. Especially rappers. They don’t realize they are selling their life away with the signing of contracts. Kanye is saying to these lawyers, you know we can’t read, talking about racism. Kanye knows how the industry works and knows that he can’t be tricked or bought.


Reason #6


Fuck It, C’est La Vie

The powerful meaning behind the lyric

Rappers who sign the contract settle for all the money. All the fame and everything they think they have always wanted. Kanye does not aspire to just be a rapper. Kanye West wants greater glory and wants to known for something bigger than being a rapper.

A lot of people settle for the success they have. Kanye West is not one of those people. That is why he say’s he wants to be the next Walt Disney and other people. What happens? People make fun of him. It really is a horrible world we live in where the media will laugh at someones ambitions. When he says he is these names, he is inspiring to be bigger. Yet people call him crazy and all these things.

Reason #5


Y’all Niggas Can’t Fuck With Me

Y’all Niggas Can’t Fuck With Ye, Y’all Niggas Can’t Fuck With Ye

The powerful meaning behind the lyric

You can say anything you want about Kanye West, but you can’t and will never be him. His success is incredible. His albums are incredible. He has won too many trophies to name, too many Grammies already. Influenced Drake who is the best right now. You just simply can’t fuck with him. You may want to be him, but you can’t mess with him or say his garbage. He is genius at what he does.


Kanye West is a creative genius.

Reason #4


I’ll Move My Family Out The Country

So You Can’t See Where I Stay

The powerful meaning behind the lyric

The media is so powerful that Kanye would rather leave USA and go somewhere else where he isn’t hounded. Who else had a problem with the media? Michael Jackson. Fun Fact, Michael Jackson told Kanye West that he loved his singing when Kanye played him Good Life. This gave Kanye the confidence to sing. 808s & Heartbreak would go on to influence Drake. Michael Jackson truly is the king.

Remember this song? Michael Jackson had some very powerful lyrics in this song

Here is a powerful lyric 

If he dies sympathize
Such false witnesses

When Michael Jackson died, the media all sold papers with RIP and how he was incredible and legendary. The same media that attacked him. Those lyrics he said in 1995 would foreshadow his life.

Reason #3


See They’ll Confuse Us With Some Bullshit

Like The New World Order, Meanwhile The DEA Teamed Up With the CCA

The powerful meaning behind the lyric

Every single time a rapper makes it big, everyone talks about how they signed up with the Illuminati. Every time something controversial happens, other things start happening to district us from the real issues at hand. Like Michael Brown being shot and then ALS Ice Bucket Challenge comes out of nowhere to divert our attention. I’m not putting the Ice Bucket Challenge down at all. Than all his NFL stuff with Ray Rice happens. It makes you wonder what all these things are distracting us from.

Dave Chappelle explained this better than me. Watch below 0:00 – 1:20

Reason #2


I Won’t End This High, Not This Time

The powerful meaning behind the lyric

Kanye West will not peak at this point. He will not stop going higher and higher. He wants to be more successful and it’s incredible thinking that he still wants to be successful knowing all that he has already done.


Reason #1

The list of things Kanye talked about

– Racism

– The Media

– Consumerism

– Emotions


– Illuminati/ New World Order

Kanye West said all those things in 1 verse. 1:22 to 3:50. Said all of those in 2 minutes and 28 seconds. I’m crap at math, so don’t blame me if the numbers don’t match. Reason #1 is the fact that Kanye West just killed it. He said so much in so little time and it’s eye-opening and inspiring and incredible and honest. It’s true art. He is a true genius.


From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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