20,000 views in 60 days : My Top 5 Posts So Far

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20,000 views. It’s been an incredible journey these past two months. Had some people throw negativity at me, had a lot more positive reactions though. It’s been pretty crazy. You know, I don’t have a team, 60 days later and I’ve written every single posts expect for some photos and a sports article. I have to write for all my niche posts and it’s been fun. I love my life talk section. I love posting my music. I designed my own shirt, I’ve been wearing it around Toronto, you can check out the shirt in my shop section by clicking the link inside. I’ve done this all by myself and it’s been amazing.

Now, I haven’t posted in a few days because I’ve been networking and volunteering at Manifesto. It was my first time this year and It’s an incredible experience and I learned a lot. The women in the industry workshop was inspiring and so real. Missinfo, LOLA of ILUVLOLA, Karla Moy & Ashley Outrageous. These four women are the most inspiring people, I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. Maybe not the most, but very inspiring. They all had blogs and ideas and believed in themselves. Went for their goals and became successful. They all made me want to keep pursuing this website and It was just fantastic. If you are from Toronto, volunteer for Manifesto next year if you get the chance too. Trust me.

Views By Countries

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Now I have written over 100 posts and here is my top 5 so far.


All My Interviews


5 Artist You Should Be Listening To : R&B/Indie Edition


Self Doubt : Life Talks #5


Brazil’s World Cup Review & Why Brazil Is Still One Of The Top Teams In The World Of Football


Social Media & Self-Esteem : Life Talks #1

I want to personally say THANK YOU to everyone who has read my website. It honestly means the world to me. Especially those who read my Life Talk section. Oh and I LOVE THE COMMENTS.  Saying you liked my post, you listened to this song, reading those comments make my day. Next stop…. 30k Views. Plus I’m adding a fashion section. Soon.


From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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5 comments on “20,000 views in 60 days : My Top 5 Posts So Far

  1. Congrats on 20,000 views!!!!!!! We were just talkin about this yesterday in the green room
    At manifesto!!!! Great meeting you and talking about music
    And your blog! I will definitely be checking it out
    Gina (the 28 year old who looks younger haha)
    Ps-give king chip and Dom Kennedy another try!


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