Would You Rather Be Sad or Angry

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Before I begin, I would like to state the obvious. You wouldn’t want to be sad or angry at all; However, it’s an interesting thing to compare. For me, I would rather be angry.

When you’re angry, you are more likely to take out the anger out on something or someone. You are going to be vocal about how you feel when you’re angry. When you’re sad though, you suppress these feelings. You keep these feelings to yourself. When you’re usually sad, you are probably angry about something. When you express your feelings when your are sad, you get out of that funk. Sadness can lead to depression if it isn’t treated correctly. There are many different ways to take out anger in a health way.

When people are sad, it’s sometimes hard to notice them being sad. Unless you know how they are and can tell there sad about something. When you can’t notice they are sad and they hide it well, that is when bad things happen most of the time. When people are angry, it’s more noticeable. Being angry to a certain extent is healthy, its better to get out your feelings than to suppress them. I think being sad is all about suppressing your emotions. Most of the time when I let my anger out, it feels good. Getting your emotions off your chest is relaxing and good for the soul. Keeping that sadness inside and letting it build is not good for the soul.

An important thing to note to conclude on is when you feel like you’re being treated wrong, speak up. Never let anyone make you feel like less than a person. Some of the biggest tragedies in life happen because people are mistreated. They let their sadness stay inside them and it becomes anger that they hid well. As well, if you notice people who seem sad or angry, talk to them. Talking to people can make the biggest difference. There will always be kid somewhere in school who hides being sad and being angry well. Notice and talk to them.

So, would you rather be sad or angry?


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2 comments on “Would You Rather Be Sad or Angry

  1. I would rather be sad than angry. When I’m angry, I can feel it in my chest, it hurts and I can’t do anything rationally. Not even walk from one room to the next. Work becomes impossible and don’t ask about talking or driving with people. At least when I’m sad, I can hide it, I can fake a happy emotion. It’s easier to hide my sadness, than my anger. Anger is so painful,

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    • You should never hide the fact that you’re sad, but I understand where you’re coming from. I think you’re a self aware enough, where you can read other people to the point that you can fake an emotion and people will buy into it, but you haven’t solved being angry. I think you should learn and understand where your anger comes from and find ways to relax yourself. Maybe, take deep breaths to help you calm down when you’re angry. There’s no fun in being angry, but there’s lessons to be learned when it happens.

      And I just want to say thanks for commenting, I appreciate you and I hope my words help in any way shape or form.


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