Can Money Buy You Happiness? : Life Talks #7

Check out my thoughts on this below

Money can buy you happiness, but it depends on what kind of happiness you want. Do you want long-term happiness or do you want short-term happiness? You wouldn’t want short-term, so I’m going to guess long-term. Money can buy you cars, clothes, a house, anything you can dream of. But will that give you long-term happiness or short-term happiness? What is short-term happiness? What is long-term happiness? I explain below.

Money can buy you cars, clothes, all these things, but it can’t buy you love. The one true thing that gives you long-term happiness. The things I listed above will only give you short-term happiness. What is a house without people? It’s a lonely place.

The girl/boy or the world? Would you pick being successful over having the person of your dreams? For me personally, I pick the girl. I think money can’t buy you true happiness and what is true happiness? It’s finding the person you will marry. True happiness is long-term happiness. Money can buy you short-term happiness. Short-term happiness is materialistic things. Money can’t buy your long-term happiness.

Think about how everyone lives. We go to school, we graduate, we find a career jobs and get married. Do you not realize that your entire life system is becoming successful for yourself and then you take that success to better your future family. This is what I truly believe.

We are working hard in life to better ourselves and to better our future families. If you pick the girl/boy over the world then the person who you marry will love you for you. The world in that option would be you becoming successful/rich. The person you will marry if you pick the world, won’t love you for you. They will love you for your money. Unless that person is as successful as you. Even still, celebrity marriages don’t last. I pick the girl over the world anytime.

Money can buy you short-term happiness, but finding the person you will marry will give you long-term happiness. And money can’t buy you that. If you’re sad, would you rather be with the person of your dreams or crying in an expensive car?


From The 6ix,With Love

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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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