Taking The Picture or Living In The Moment? : Life Talks #6

 Do you take the picture or do you live in the moment? 

 Many people now record events through Snapchat and Instagram. They are showing people their lives. In some cases, it makes sense. In some cases, it doesn’t. Do you take the picture or do you live in the moment? Which one do you do the most?

 This is a question that really showcases our society now. People go to festivals and concerts and film the entire thing. They film instead of actually enjoying the concert. Is saving the memory more important than living the memory? Like taking a picture of food before eating it. Do you get more thrill in people liking the photo or the actual food you eat? 

For me personally, I take pictures and film parts of a concert to add the concert or photos to the collection on my laptop. I love looking back at the memories that I recorded. You have to understand that less is more. You can record less and still have the memory. Too much filming or too many photos takes away from the moment. . I don’t film that much anymore. I would rather enjoy myself now than take a lot of time from the concert just to film/record. 

 Drake’s take on this

Song : The Resistance 


I’m living inside a moment, not taking pictures to save it. 
I mean, how could I forget? My memories never faded 

 Drake in this song explains that he lives the moment instead of saving the moment. Though you can probably find him contradicting himself on that. It is an interesting line though. If we can remember the moments we live, why do we need to save them? 

 For big concerts like Kanye West and Drake, you can find the entire concert through peoples Instagram’s the night of. People should be enjoy themselves more. Again, I do record concerts, but i’ve learned I should record less. 

 Parents who record their kids growing up makes sense. The kids won’t remember themselves when they are young, so filming them so they can see it later makes sense. Most of the time taking the picture or filming makes sense instead of just living in the moment. In some cases though, it doesn’t make sense. My advice for situations where it isn’t ideal. Record less at concerts. Enjoy the concert and have fun. Enjoy the moment instead of taking the picture or filming. Enjoy being with your friends and enjoy life. You will always remember the moment. 

 So do you take the picture or do you live in the moment? 


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2 comments on “Taking The Picture or Living In The Moment? : Life Talks #6

  1. Why do you record at all at concerts? LOL I have seen Drake (which is not good at all) and many many many many many other artists, experiences, trips, etc with zero evidence to back me up besides my own memory which I hardly think about. Life is about experiencing shit now and using the benefits of whatever experiences you have gone through to help you out and give you more wisdom later. The less you worry about whether or not people give a fuck about the shit you do, the more you enjoy life. Shit, I go on trips all the time and sometimes even my closest friends do not even know about the trip.


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