The 7 worst types of students/people in school you encounter

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We have all encountered these types of students. They are the worst types of students. The gifs describe the feeling of witnessing these students. Below the gifs, are how I felt seeing these types of students. Enjoy.


The student who clearly can’t read, but always volunteers. These students put their hands up and mumble every single word. The worst part is that you are following along and they start making words up. Skipping sentences, like why did you even volunteer? These students are horrible. They are enjoyable and hilarious, but absolute idiots.


My thoughts every time i see these students

“This person always volunteers and can’t even read.”


The student who actually reminds the teacher to check homework. Like these students actually exist. Like I get it, you are proud you did the work, but still. I’m not saying I never did homework, but you are definitely screwing at least one person in class over.


My thoughts every time i see these students

“Did my homework yesterday, teacher doesn’t check it. Didn’t do my homework today and of course this happens.”


The student/students who always volunteer first for presentations. Like I get it, you are usually the smartest person in the class, but stop showing off. You set the bar and everyone else looks horrible. These students are pricks.


My thoughts every time i see these students

“Oh look their volunteering, shocker.”


The student who always argues with the teacher or doesn’t follow instructions at the end of the class. Teacher says put all the chairs up, what does this student do? Nothing. Teacher says wait by the door and leave before the bell. This student just walks away. Nothing cool about leaving class early. Arguing with the teacher? The class stays passed the bell. These students are a damn shame.


My thoughts every time i see these students

“Oh look, he/she just walked out of class, so cool of him/her.”


The students who talk about sports, but know barely anything about the sport. Being in class and hearing people discuss hockey and soccer was hilarious to me. 99% of the people talking about soccer knew nothing. 95% of people knew nothing about hockey. Growing up an Ottawa Senator fan, of course Toronto Maple Leaf fans would say Ottawa sucks to me. It’s funny that people who told me that didn’t even watch hockey and just watched highlights. Nothing worse than ignorant hockey fans in school. Talking about soccer, people who think they played soccer thought that automatically made them knowledgeable on the sport. Ignorant sports fans in school were annoying.


My thoughts every time I see these students

“You don’t even watch sports though, you just watch the highlights.”


Students who ask teachers about their life story. These people are just teachers pets or just want extra grades. I come to school to do work, hang out with friends and come back home and sleep. Teachers in my eyes don’t life have life outside of school, so why even ask them about that. Leave that up to imagination. These students are so extra.


My thoughts every time I see these students

“Asking the teacher about her life? Like you actually care.”


The student who always asks questions. How do I do this? Can you explain that again? What did you say? These students waste so much time and its like their deaf or something. The funniest thing is when a teacher has enough of it and says are you not paying attention? These students are clowns.


My thoughts every time I see these students



From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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