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Eminem was one of the first rappers, I actually started listening to. He was becoming one of the biggest rappers in the world when I was growing up. He dropped 5 albums from 2000-2010. For me, this was kindergarten/elementary school and the end of junior high. Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of all time and I can honestly say that. Here is my top ten. Enjoy.


The Real Slim Shady 

This song is classic. Once you hear the beat, you know this song is playing. Everyone knows the hook to this song. At least, everyone should know it. Will the Real Slim Shady please stand up? This Is a great song and one of the biggest songs during my childhood. It lands at number ten.



Like Toy Soldiers 

One of the songs you really should be reading the lyrics too. In this song, Eminem is telling the listener about issues in rap and the things he went through and saw. In this song, Eminem is being the bigger person and telling everyone he has problems with that he is done with all of that. He doesn’t want anyone he knows dying from stupid issues that in the grand scheme of things don’t matter. The music video to this song is great as well. Eminem co-produced this song and the production is amazing. This lands at number 9.




For some reason, this an Eminem song that I have always remembered. Eminem’s rapping and flow in this song is just classic. Yet again, the production is perfect on this song. He says it in this song when he says he has some Tupac influence. This song is reminiscent of Tupac and his style of rapping. Eminem killed this track and it’s one of my favourites by him. It lands at number 8.




This is a classic Eminem song. The last verse on this song is just amazing, just Eminem’s quick flow is too good. “But I do know one thing though, bitches they come they go, Saturday through Sunday, Monday, Monday through Sunday, yo.” Superman deserves to be at the number seven slot.



Till I Collapse 

RiP Nate Dogg. Nate Dogg really had the most distinct voice, once you saw his name on a track, you knew it was going to be great track. This song was produced by Eminem and he killed his own beat. Eminem killed this song and I mean he really killed it. He drops a verse than Nate Dogg comes in. Till I Collapse Is perfect. Would be higher on the list but the other songs are bigger to me in my own opinion. This song lands at six.



Cleanin’ Out My Closet 

Once the beat drops, you know it’s going to be a classic song. It’s crazy, listening to this song and listening to his new song Headlights. I guess that’s just Eminem growing up though. Saying cleaning out my closet in any conversation or in any type of context for me, reminds me of this song. Eminem really told us a lot about his life and I have to say it again but listening to this and Headlights just shows how much his life changed and how he sees things now. This song lands at number 5.



Marshall Mathers

Marshall Mathers is one of my personal favourite songs by Eminem. It’s the classic story, where before you are actually big, nobody cares about you. Once you become big, everyone loves you now. This story happens with every person who has ever become successful. People see you having minimal success and try to bring you down or tell you that you will never become big. Then when you become successful, they change their tone and say they loved you the entire time. The song is very nostalgic because Eminem talks about Nsync and other people who were big at the time. It lands at number 4.



Lose Yourself 

One word for this song; Iconic. It’s still amazing to me that I actually got to see 8 Mile in theatres when it came out. This song is very inspirational and when it came out, it absolutely dominated the charts. This song is critically acclaimed by all and is Eminem’s most successful song, This song even won an academy award for best original song. As big as this song is, the top two songs are more bigger for me. Lose Yourself is a classic though.




The top two were the hardest for me to pick. It went back and forth. Stan was first for a long time, but it dropped one. The song really only makes sense when you watch the video. It’s a story telling song. That was the biggest reason why I put it number two. Definitely the deciding factor. Stan is still one of the biggest songs I have ever heard a rapper drop. Dido on the hook is perfection. Stan and the number one song really made me a big Eminem fan. This iconic and timeless song finishes at number 2.



The Way I Am

This song is why I’m an Eminem fan. This song is why I say he is one of the greatest rappers of all time. All the frustration he felt, he put into this song. How the media attacked him and how he felt about that. This song was produced by Eminem and of course he murdered it. This was the song where I fully understood where he was coming from. How he felt and how he was seeing things. It made me appreciate him more and that is why this is my number one.


Songs that just missed 

– Mockinbird

– Sing For The Moment

– White America

– Hailie’s Song


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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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