Review : Spooky Black Leaving EP

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If you haven’t checked him out, go to one of my very first posts of 5 artist you should be listening to ; R&B/Indie edition. Read that then check him out already. Spooky Black has the talent and production, so you better get used to him being around and he is young too. He dropped his second EP ; Leaving, his first EP being ‘Black Silk’ and here is my review.

I noticed that his song ‘Reason’ wasn’t on the EP and that is a bit disappointing. That song is incredible and when I heard it, I knew this tape would be great. Another song he dropped called ‘ Interlude’ made the EP as it should have been. All the songs on this EP were mixed by Doc McKinney. If you don’t know who he is, he is the man behind House Of Balloons and Thursday and many more big things. Whose tapes were those? The Weeknd. Doc McKinney is The Weeknd’s known mentor . The fact that he mixed all the songs on this tape shows the tape was well put together.


Artist : Spooky Black

EP : Leaving

Stand Out Tracks : Intro (prod. Curtis Heron & TheStandard , Echoes In My Mind feat. Wiccaphase ( prod. Kid Hnrk), Interlude, DJ Khaled is my father (prod. psymun & spooky black)

Rating : 7.5

I really wish that Spooky had put Reason on this tape. Reason was an amazing track and he really should have at least put it as a bonus track. The production on this tape is perfect and complements Spooky’s voice and flow. The songs are all mixed properly, which was a problem on his first EP and I expect it being mixed properly this time considering who mixed them this time around. Spooky Black is a unique talent and his sound is reminiscent of Toronto’s Majid Jordan. I’m not saying that their sounds are both the same, I am just saying they both have that Chill-Wave/R&B style. Both artist have completely different sounds but if I had to say who Spooky reminds me of, it would be Toronto’s Majid Jordan. Spooky Black is not a tumblr talent or a meme talent. People are saying that to connect him with Yung Lean and BONES. All three of these artist take their music seriously and it isn’t a joke for them. Don’t group them all together and make it seem as though they are some tumblr talent which is something that I have noticed. Back to the review, Echoes In My Mind is my favourite track so far and I will definitely be checking out Wiccaphase now. Overall, this tape is a huge improvement from his first EP and it shows that Spooky is heading into the right direction and finding his true sound. The songs were mixed a lot better than before and the production was amazing. The only negative to me is that Reason wasn’t put on this tape or even included as a bonus.



From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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