Top 10 Michael Jackson songs

In my eyes, he is the greatest artist of all time and that will never change for me. I remember exactly where I was when I heard he died but i’ll explain that on the later posts. Enjoy. This is the hardest top 10, I think I will ever write.


You Are Not Alone

The emotions Michael puts into this song. The emotions you feel listening to this song. The minimal production that just lets Michael control the entire song. Nothing short of incredible. When they played this song around the time he died, this song made me feel so sad, borderline tears. This song lands at number ten.

You Are Not Alone


Earth Song

Powerful? Important? Inspirational? Earth Song wasn’t just a song, it was a message to everyone in the world to make a difference in the planet we live in. It’s odd that this song isn’t known to a lot of people. Yet it is one of Michael’s biggest songs talking about the environment. You have to watch the video to this song as well, to fully understand the message.



Remember The Time

Once this song drops, I have to be dancing or moving around. This song is borderline rap too. The music video is classic too. One of the best feel good songs. Eddie Murphy, Magic Johnson and Iman were all in the music video. The dance sequences too, just amazing. I’m moving around while typing this out, because i’m listening to the song while typing. It sits at number 8.



Black Or White

Michael is at his best when he is talking about a subject he is passionate about. Racial harmony is the heart of this song yet Michael makes this song so good without being over the top with the message. The music video montage of people changing faces is forever classic. Macaulay Culkin in the video is so 90s. Just a legendary song, That sits at number 7.




All throughout junior high school and high school, if given the chance, I did a project on Michael Jackson every time. If there is any artist that I have researched extensively, It is Michael Jackson. Childhood describes Michael Jackson the best. He never had a proper childhood and that affected his entire life. Every bizarre thing he did was because he was a child at heart especially building the Neverland Ranch. If you understood that, then you didn’t see Michael as being weird or bizzare; However, the media attacked him for that until he died. Then the media praised his life. Funny how that all works out.



Smooth Criminal 

Are you okay Annie? Are you okay Annie? Are you okay Annie? This song is forever timeless. The production is too good, Michael proves that he can do any type of genre too. Yet again, This music video is classic. Everything Michael touches turns into gold. Even saying gold, isn’t even good enough. Everything he touches turns into perfection is better. Apparently, Annie isn’t even a real person, it’s some sort of life saving doll that lifeguards use. Michael Jackson is a true and genuine musical genius.




One word comes to mind when I think about Thriller; Iconic. No one in music will do something like Thriller. It changed the way music videos were viewed. It was a short film. This theme would continue for Michael because all of his music videos after, well most of them would be short type films. The dance is timeless, so timeless that back in junior high, I did it during the dance section in gym class. You can’t even say Thriller, without thinking of Michael Jackson and his song. It lands at number 4.



Human Nature

This would be top two but the top two are too incredible. Human Nature is such a soothing song, so calm and it really relaxes you. John Mayor’s rendition of this song at Michael Jackson’s funeral on guitar is incredible too. You should check that out. This song is a classic, Michael’s vocals shine bright on this song, like it does on all of his tracks. This gets number 3 on the list.



Man In The Mirror 

This song makes you contemplate your entire life. You could be living the greatest life ever, but this song will make you look in the mirror and make you think that you could be doing better. You could even be helping other people. This song is powerful. We all want change in the world but the thing is, we don’t look to change ourselves to make things better. This song tells us to make the change in ourselves. “No message could have been any clearer, if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change.” It’s so simple but it’s the hardest thing to do. This song is one of my favourite songs of all time.



Billie Jean

Arguably, my favourite song of all time. The production on this song just makes you want to dance. Not joking about that at all, it is just too good.  The music video with Michael stepping on the ground and it lights up ; Iconic. When he performed this song at Motown 25 and did the moonwalk for the first time ; Historic. Michael Jackson changed music. He influenced everybody you like today in some way or another in any genre. I feel blessed that I lived in his era to appreciate him. If the media didn’t try to attack him and celebrities and musicians actually helped him out when he needed them, maybe he would still be alive today.



From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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