Music Profile Interview : KIN Bishop

I interviewed him and here is the questions I asked and his answers. Enjoy.


KIN Bishop is a young 17 year old rapper from Baltimore, Maryland. He started rapping at 16 years old and is getting ready to drop his next project “UhDream”.

What made you start making music?

I started doing music just out of boredom. I was never really into sports too heavy because I was trash at them. So when I got into music I just felt that’s my spot, that’s my zone, this is what I’m really good at.

What genre would you describe your music?

I’m hip hop, no really into breaking it down and going deep, I’m like Fusion Rap mixed with a dash of Aqua Neo Soul. I’m just a rapper making dope hip hop shit RIGHT NOW.

Who are your 3 favourite artist right now and why?

Ab-Soul, Goldlink, and Sir Michael Rocks


Ab-Soul been my favorite rapper for a minute now. He got bars, I can feel his shit, and he just makes creative music.


Goldlink is dope, he from the DMV and he brings something fresh. I have been saying that DMV was gonna really take over for a while now Maryland especially. Goldlink seems like the one that’s really gonna put more light on us.

Sir Michael Rocks

Sir Michael Rocks been that nigga hahah. Banco been the only thing I’ve been listening to since he dropped that. He constantly changing and doing some new shit but still makes it dope. He’s one of the people that influenced me to do that myself. I never want to sound the same for long I hate when artist do that shit. That’s why Kanye been on top for so long. He changes and evolves, I aim to do the same.

How does your music reflect your life?

A lot of my lyrics comes from memories good or bad usually bad and I just build around it. I usually think of an event how I felt in that event and I can create around that. So a lot if my life is in my music but if you don’t pay attention to what I’m saying you might not even notice.

Is that how you wrote your new single “Make It”?

Yeah that just came from people saying I won’t do just that. Now I’m starting to see myself rise a bit, not much at all but just a little. So at this rate I have to make it.

How do you want your listeners to feel when they listen to your music?

When people listen to my music I usually want them to just get into it. If it’s some sad shit, I want you to cry. If it’s something fun, have fun.

Who is the audience you want?

Mainly 40 year olds moms that watch Big Brother and know how to play playstation. Their favorite game would be GTA San Andreas because they think it’s true to the streets and they mess with that. But also people that just mess with the music and when they listen they’re like “I understand you nigga, I’m with you.” I want to be MF DOOM and all my fans be Mos Def clones and Kate Winslet look-alikes.

Has there ever been a time where you felt like giving up?

Yeah man, it’s times where I wanted to give up that’s like every couple of months. But, I always just stick with it because I love it and it’s a way to vent. Plus I’m trying to stack and flex on fuck bois so I’m here to stay.

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