Guys talking about fashion is normal : Life Talks #2

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 This is meant for people who don’t think its normal or find it weird and I’m saying why it’s normal. 

I used to feel like every guy should be interested in sports and playing sports. Would never have thought guys would be interested in fashion of all things. I had a guy’s mentality but times have really changed. This is why guys talking about fashion is a normal thing and i’ve changed my mind. Enjoy.

 How you dress is important. Even i’m more into fashion then I ever was a few years back. I always want to have the freshest fit when I go out now. Most of the time I talk about clothes with my friends and I enjoy going shopping for new clothes with them. Times are changing and many guys including me can say they enjoy going shopping. This is normal now. Guys now even feel special buying expensive clothes and showing it off to people.They even think people are beneath them if they don’t have the latest get up.


^ Don’t be this kind of guy

 Everybody who listens to music is in someway influenced by the people they listen to. Rappers for example, nowadays wear a lot of fashion brands than they used to compared to the past. They even rap about them in songs more too compared to the past. With that being said, many people who listen to music now want to go shopping and buy clothes.Like their favourite artist. Kanye West for instance, there are many websites that detail his outfits alone and not his music. Many people try to immolate what he wears.


^ 2014.

 Fashion has always been linked to music and now its even bigger. Merchandise for artist are even more important especially in the case of Drake. His OVO store can have the most expensive clothes but if Drake is wearing the clothes, his fans will buy whatever he is selling.


^ There was even a countdown to the opening of the website to buy Drake merch

We are influenced by what we see in the world and in this world we live in.Many of our favourite artist love going shopping and looking fresh. If any guys you see talk about clothes and fashion, don’t make fun of them or call them “ Gay” or anything bad like that. As much as I used to have that mentality when i was younger, I have changed my mind and you should too. It’s 2014, its time to get with the times.



From The 6ix,With Love

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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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