5 reasons why Yung Lean is here to stay

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One day in January of this year (2014), I stumbled upon an artist named Yung Lean. I thought to myself, i’m bored, I might as well check this out. I listened to Ginseng Strip 2002 and the music video was so weird but it was captivating. Then I did what I always do, post the link on Facebook because I always share the music I find interesting and good . I started listening to Yung Lean because it was really funny at first. Something happened though, song by song he was starting to become not funny but good. I was having Yung Lean on repeat and the production of the songs were outstanding. Lemonade is still on constant rotation and this is five reasons why Yung Lean is here to stay.



Yung Gud and Yung Sherman. These producers weren’t well known on their own but with Yung Lean’s rise, they rose all together. Some say Yung Lean is only good because of them but that is wrong. Yung Lean’s flow compliments their beats and it’s a perfect fit. Yung Sherman produced : Welcome 2 Unknown Death, Lightsaber //Saviour and Lemonade ft ( Baba Stiltz). Yung Gud produced : Nitevision ft ( Bladee), Gatorade and Princess Daisy from Yung Lean’s Unknown Death 2002 mixtape. They both have soundclouds and you should check them out. They are very talented and as long as Yung Lean has them, he should be popular for a long while.

Yung Lean on the Left, Yung Gud in the middle and Yung Sherman on the right



Concerts/ Performances 

Yung Lean is 18 now and he already toured Europe and North America. His shows were reviewed with high praise. Justin Bieber even came out to one of his shows. Yung Lean and the Sad Boys as they call themselves created this special thing and he can only go further and further.

North America 






His lyrics might not be the most outstanding things ever written but his flow and style is there and he is only 18. He has a lot of time to learn. He is so different and that’s what makes him so special,  and unique . He is honestly a breath of fresh air because there has never really been someone like him, especially someone from Sweden. Lemonade has been on constant rotation since January of this year because his flow in the song is too good and Baba Stiltz on the hook is always a win. He is talented and only 18, so he has time to grow and to be even better.




Yung Lean was brought out by Trindad Jame$ in October of 2013. Yung Lean has been in contact with Travi$ Scott and A$AP Ferg. Photographed with Justin Bieber himself. Yung Lean has positioned himself well in the music world and deservedly so. He is talented and one of a kind and should be recognized by his music peers.


^ Yung Gud on the left, Justin Bieber, Yung Lean and Yung Sherman



Yung Lean has a huge fan base and you can see that in his Youtube videos. Kyoto, Ginseng Strip 2002, Hurt are all in the millions in views and most of his videos sit on the hundreds of thousands. He has the audience he needs, he has the connections if he wants to collaborate even though his team is already amazing. He has the talent and he has the confidence to keep him relevant for a long time and that is why Yung Lean is here to stay, so get used to it.



From The 6ix,With Love

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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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