My top 15 shows that aired on the Family Channel

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This is my personal top 15 and if you think you have a better top 15 please comment below.

Everybody watched the Family Channel. It was our childhood, the animated shows, the normal shows. This channel was amazing but sadly i haven’t watched it in some years. i think the last show I watched was Wizards of Waverly Place and that’s done. Sit back and relax as I show you the top 15  shows in my opinion from the channel of our childhood. 90-00s kids i’m speaking to you.


American Dragon : Jake Long

This show was amazing and entertaining and when it was on i knew i had to watch it. The whole huntsman plot in the whole series kept it interesting and made you want to actually watch the seasons instead of just casually watching episodes when it aired. Though it only lasted two seasons, the show has always stayed in the back of my head when it comes to great shows i watched. That is why it ranks 15 in the top 15 shows on the family channel.



Disney’s Filmore

The theme song already makes this show a classic. This show was action packed, well written, interesting story to story episodes. It honestly was a perfect show and if there wasn’t more better shows on this list, this show would rank higher but the quality on this list is too damn high. The crime and mysteries Filmore was solving was pretty amazing and how the show was set up was brilliant. There was three parts in each episodes showing how much closer the group was to building clue by clue to finding out how to stop what was going on. It was like a cartoon police show but they were only safety patrollers. This show was not only amazing, honestly it was legendary. Only had two seasons but the show lives on.



Hannah Montana

This show was stupid funny. This was before Miley become the Miley we know right now. The show came at a time where other shows were ending and it was refreshing because it was showing the family channel was keeping up the momentum it had built with great shows. Rico was pretty annoying but he served his purpose. This show lasted four seasons and only ended three years ago. With that being said, the show came at the perfect time and it was pretty damn funny that is why it sits at number 13.



Suite Life On Deck

This show doesn’t crack the top ten because the other version to this show does and you will find out the placement later. This was a spinoff of Suite Life Of Zack and Cody and Ashely Tisdale was gone who was amazing in the first series. We got a new character in Bailey and Marcus came into the show in season two and the final season three. This show carried on with the first show in that it was still hilarious and full of mishaps. Zack and Cody both got into mishaps and London was still dumb and new character woody was hilarious. Great cast chemistry and the show continued with the same style they used in the previous show and it worked perfectly and that is why it ranks at number 12.



That’s So Raven

This show should be in the top ten and was in the top ten but new shows that I can’t believe I forget stole its place. That’s So Raven was hilarious and a great part of my childhood. Who didn’t sing the theme song every time it came out? The show had many memorable episodes like the time where Raven couldn’t get a job because the owner was racist or the time Eddie got psychic powers as well as Raven and it was too much for him at the end. This show is a timeless classic because Cory was hilarious with his pet lionel and the classic bands that were made. Boys N Motion and Corey’s band. This show had it all and if it wasn’t for other shows it would have been in the top ten but it stands at number eleven.


The coveted top ten reserved for the shows that were my childhood. This is where it gets fun. Enjoy.


Wizards Of Waverly Place

This show was hands down one of the shows that i saw the trailer to it and i’m like this show is going to be classic. It had the guy from That’s So Raven in it in Justin and i knew it was going to be great. I still remember the pancake spell that max used, it’s just so perfect. Maybe because Harry Potter was really big at the time but wizards was a huge thing at this time. Justin, Max and Alex were all hilarious and it worked out perfectly. The parents were funny too, so that added to the dynamic. Harper was all right but she become even more interesting when she found out about them being wizards. Adding the whole vampire, werewolf episodes made this show even more interesting and with that being said that is why it sits inside the top ten.



Suite Life of Zack and Cody

This show had everything i wanted in a show. It was a perfect comedy about two twins that always get intro trouble and one who is smart and who is reckless. Cody was the smart one and Zack was so hilariously reckless. Though Zack did have a soft side in one episode where Cody left to go to camp, Zack was happy at first but realized he was lonely and needed Cody with him showing he still needs his brother. The theme song was perfect too and the entire cast was perfect. Moseby had a love-hate relationship with Zack and Cody and Max and Tapeworm were good friends and great characters in the show for Zack and Cody. Arwin, London, Estaban, Maddie and Muriel were great with the whole show dynamic as well. The cast made the show what it was and it was hilarious and perfect and deserves to be at number nine.



The Weekenders 

This show and another show that will be discussed later on this list was on my schedule every single day after school. Grabbed a bowl of cereal, threw my bag somewhere were i couldn’t see it and turned on my favourite channel. Tino, Lor, Carver and Tish were all different people but were all friends nonetheless. Each episode was a segment but they always went to the same pizza plays and the running gag was the pizza place changing its name and style in every new episode. Tino had hilarious fears and obsessions. Tish’s mom was hilarious because you could’t understand her, like the one episode where she says cousin Doug but it sounded like cows and ducks and that was the confusion the entire episode. Lor, somehow has many brothers and that was hilarious too. Tino’s mom had some crazy food dishes that didn’t make any sense and she was somehow was a psychic and knew that was going.Carver always dropped to his knees and said curse you when something bad happen to him. I mean this show is just so memorable i’m laughing thinking about them. Chug-a freez was the drink and chocolate covered fries looked amazing.This show lands at number eight.



Lizzie McGuire

This show can be amazing simply because of two episodes. Being completely serious about what i’m about to say. The two episodes where Gordo records everybody in school and the episode where he skips ahead and goes to high school. Him recording everybody had a part in the episode where the song i always feel like somebody is watching me played in the back was hilarious. Additionally, Everybody Hurts playing in the scenes where Gordo is lonely at high school without Lizzie and Miranda sticks out. Gordo was the best part of the series because he relatable and hilarious. The comments and his social commentary on things that were going on in each episode was spot on. Lizzie and Miranda made the show great but more dynamics in the show made it better. Like how Lanny never said a word but Matt understood him. The parents were cool and so was Ethan and Kate but i think the show was hilarious because of Gordo. This show lands at number seven.



Zoey 101 

Jet-X, Blix. The fact that they went to school in probably the greatest campus I have ever seen. This show is a true classic. Chase, Logan, Michael, Zoey, Nicole and Quinn. Later Lola when one of the members left after season one. The theme is in my head right now because i’m thinking about this all the good things about this show. The episodes were interesting and for three seasons it never died down or lost its touch. This show lands at number six because there are so many memorable episodes and it deserves this place because of that.


The coveted top five reserved for the shows that are timeless and i will make sure my children watch them. This is where it gets really nostalgic for me. Enjoy.


Radio Free Roscoe

It’s all you ever hear.
Look like this, think like this, be like this
How do you fight it?
We started our own radio station.
We keep our idenities secret.
It gives us the power to say what we want,
as loud as we want. – Question Mark

I’m Question Mark and i’m wondering. That line alone is nostalgic enough for me to want to go to youtube and watch the show right now. Pronto, Shady Lane, Question Mark and Smog were the four people on air. Robbie is Question Mark, Ray is Pronto, Lily is Shady Lane and Smog is Travis. Basically the popular radio station in school was cougar radio and it was controlling the school kids giving them bad music and filling them with dumb knowledge and it had too much control. That is why combined with Travis, Robbie created his own radio with his own music so he can do what he wants and say what he wants without control and Ray and Lily joined after. This show is a classic and it has every right to be in the top five.



Smart Guy

A slice of life is T.J. Henderson,
super intelligent, a fine young gentleman,
a ten year old whiz kid bussin high school,
a penacious little shorty with a thousand IQ.
He’s got a way with the ladies, and he’s keepin it real,
your favorite little study buddy, he knows the deal.
Dad says just a kid, on the ball, very funny,
you could say that he’s bright, brainy, gifted, whatever.
(Mo’s Voice)Yo brother is smaaaart!
He’s a smart guy, du du, du da du du du
smart guy, du du, du da du, smart guy, du da du du du,
he’s a smart guy, du du, du da du du du.


This show should be contending in the top three but it was too tight. This is one of three of my favourite blacks shows of all time contending with The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and The Boondocks. Smart Guy is one of the greatest shows my eyes have ever seen. Mo makes this show timeless. Marcus makes this show timeless. Ivette even makes this show timeless. The dad even made this show timeless. Mackey makes this show timeless. All the characters in this show made an impact. T.J was of course the entire show. The way he got himself into Marcus’s band because he is so smart he learned how to use the keyboard. Crazy how he did his family finances when he is only 10 years old. The show was genius.


The coveted top three reserved for the shows that I have randomly gone back to watched on youtube for hours on end. This is reserved for the three greatest show I could have ever watched. I’m honoured to have been living in this era because of these three shows. Enjoy.


Disney’s Recess

“All we are is dust in the wind, Gus said.” I personally believe that the second episode of this series makes show a true gem. To me , it was one of the most important pieces to fully explain how it feels to be a new kid. Mind you, this was before bullying was really serious and this was meant to be a show for kids and big kids from age 8-16 but honestly I think this show is ageless but that’s me. Gus becomes the new kid and is shown around the school by T.J and the gang ; Mikey, Gretchen, Vince and Spinelli. The rule of the playground is that if you’re the new kid, your name is gone and you’re new name is ‘ new kid’ and nobody is supposed to talk to you until another new kid joins the school. I mean how sick and twisted is that for a kids show. Gus is taunted by people calling him new kid on the playground and cafeteria, has reoccurring nightmares where he is called new kid and contemplates his own worth hence the quote to begin this. That line is very depressing and i’m a bit shocked now realizing that was said on the show. Gus shouts to the king and say’s “ I HAVE A NAME! I HAVE A NAME! It was honestly a crazy episode but it ended by Gus standing up for himself and the rule was no more. The kid who was previously shunned by the playground was pissed because he was the new kid for a long time, just imagine that torture. I have only just explained one episode but this show has many more like this and that is why this show will forever hold a special place in my heart because it was perfect. Mikey singing “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen” because his music teacher doesn’t like him back was powerful. T.J having a psychological break down in the box that Finster created is still crazy to think about.This show stands at number three.



Are You Afraid Of The Dark

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story…

[throws powder onto the fire]
Midnight Society member: The Tale of…

Once you heard those lines you knew it was about to get real.This show scared the crap out of me. The clown episode, the pool episode where a monster comes out of it and the water demon episode. This was a show when I was younger where I had to contemplate if I should watch it at night because it was creepy. This show inspired me to some degree to write a novel I started about two years ago and i’m still currently writing but stopped due to writers block. Every episode was iconic, ‘that Sardo no mister accent on the do’ is a timeless line. His character is timeless and was in a lot of episodes. I’m going to blog the top ten favourite episodes of mine of Are You Afraid Of the Dark and that is going to be hard for me to cut down all the classics. This show was perfectly written, the cast was great and the stories were timeless making this show land on number two and just shy of the coveted number one spot reserved for the show of my childhood coming from the family channel.

The number one show that holds a high place among the rest. I give you… number one. Enjoy.


Even Stevens

Just like Daniel Radcliffe will live his life as always being known as Harry Potter, Shia Labeouf will always be Louis Stevens to me.


Every time Louis screamed out of fear i was already in tears laughing. That was always hilarious. This man killed this show, had me in tears in so many episodes. Beans was a hilarious character too and Twitty was just as hilarious as Louis. Tom in the show was a comedian and the fact that he kept Louis and Twitty from eating his pizza in one episode was classic because they were being his friend for his pizza. They use him a lot  throughout the series and that leads to some pretty hilarious episodes but they are friends.


The episode where Louis gets kicked out of his band and creates another one with Tom and Tawny was just golden. I can honestly go on and on, on why this show deserves this spot but I don’t need to. This was the first real show that I watched that the entire series of the show and sometimes on random days this show pops into my head. I remember a year ago or two I just went back and watched so many episodes just becauseIi was thinking about it. Literally for a month that’s all I was watching and that is why this show belongs where it is ; the number one spot.


From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

* Shows that missed out of the top 15

– Ned’s declassified school survival guide #16

– Proud Family #17

– Life With Derek #18

– Corey in the house #19

– Lloyd in Space #20

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