How Drake musically gave Toronto legitimacy in R&B and Rap

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#1 Introduction

Drake is one of the biggest acts in the show right now. He is arguably the best rapper right now and every song he puts out is always well received. He is 3 albums deep and already plugging into his 4th which is to be called ‘ Views From The 6’. Many people are saying that Toronto isn’t nicknamed that or something dumb like that. People just love excuses to have an  harsh opinion on things. Like many people say, if you don’t have something good to say don’t say it. Before Drake came out with So Far Gone, the artists everyone was listening to in Rap was Kanye West and Lil Wayne. I’m not saying everyone was but i’m saying those were the popular ones at the time and still are. Drake dropped So Far Gone and Toronto had some buzz for the first time and it was around the same time Justin Bieber was starting to gain ground, so Drake gave us something to show the world Toronto had talent. Let me say that I don’t hate Justin Bieber, he is talented and his journals album that he dropped was crazy good but this is ‘ One Time’ Justin Bieber i’m talking about so understand that. So Far Gone created a movement that would be an important moment for the city of Toronto musically.

 #2 The Weeknd

Fresh off of Thank Me Later, Drake was building hype for Take Care his 2nd album and this would be the first moment that Toronto would have another act capable of legitimizing Toronto’s Rap & R&B music scene. The Weeknd dropped the classic House Of Balloons and followed it up by two more tapes called Thursday and Echoes Of Silence  to critical acclaim and Drake gave him the all important co-sign and the rest is history. The Weeknd would help Drake on Take Care insuring Drake’s next album Take Care would be a classic and eventually won a grammy for best rap album and many already say Take Care is Drake’s best album to date. At this point, Toronto had Drake and The Weeknd when just a few years ago Toronto had nothing to be happy about in R&B & Rap. All we had was Kardinal Offishall and he wasn’t that major outside of Canada.

#3 OVO Sound

Fresh off of Take Care, Drake would get his own label with OVO Sound to add other artist to his crew and again showing off Toronto’s talents. PartyNextDoor would be the next artist Drake would show to the world followed by Majid Jordan. It is now 2014 and Toronto has The Weeknd, PartyNextDoor who is from Mississauga but honorary Toronto kid and Majid Jordan. Drake paved the way for Toronto artist to be seen and to be heard and gave them an opportunity. Important to note that PartyNextDoor is from the Mississauga, The Weeknd is from Scarborough showing that talent was spread around all around.

#4 OVO Festival. 

Since 2010 because of Drake’s fame he helped Toronto see the likes of people from Eminem to Stevie Wonder to Nas to Kanye West. No artist before Drake did anything like this for Toronto and now OVO festival is on it’s 5th year and its the biggest event in Toronto every summer and the special guest can be anybody because Drake has proved he can bring anybody by bringing Ma$e and P.Diddy and TLC and more amazing people.

#5 Conclusion

Drake used his powers to give the likes of The Weeknd spotlight that somebody of his genius deserved, an all important co-sign goes a long way for an artist. PartyNextDoor and Majid Jordan have been giving the best opportunity with Drake and both artist genius are starting to be seen more and more with their new Eps. Before 2009,Toronto had nothing special and the city didn’t have much buzz in it in the Rap & R&B scene. Now people are proud to say 416 and people outside of Toronto are saying they would love to live here because it’s live. Drake’s influence gave Toronto pride and you might not see it that way but it’s true. Drake has helped this city more than any artist before him and Drake really did musically give Toronto legitimacy in R&B and Rap.



From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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