Brazil’s Future XI

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With Julio Cesar retiring and Fred retiring, I want to give a glimpse on who might fill the shoe to replace them. Everybody wants Fred replaced and I understand that but as bad as he was and trust me he was. A striker isn’t supposed to create chances, a team is supposed to give him the chance to score and a lot of times in this World Cup Fred was left out to dry. He still wasn’t good and Jo wasn’t either. Julio Cesar is one of my favourite goalies I’ve seen Brazil have besides Dida. His emotions and determination were admirable and he finally got redemption against Chile for 2010; however, I hoped he retired on a better note. I said Dida and Julio Cesar because i grew up with them.


The Goalies 

Most of the goalies that will try and replace Julio Cesar haven’t been capped that much, so there isn’t much to go on for them. Rafael Cabral is 24 and plays for Napoli. He should have played in the Olympics in London in 2012 but an injury set him back. The goalie who replaced him was Gabriel who is 21 and plays for AC Milan and he won Brazil the Silver.  Gabriel has since only played one game for the Selecao by winning a clean sheet 3-0 against Sweden since 2012. Cabral since his injury has capped a winner against USA in his debut 4-1.  We will see in September who Dunga choses against Colombia in the friendly because there is also Diego Alves who won Brazil a bronze in 2008 who is currently 29 and plays for Valencia FC in Spain


The Defence 

Brazil were inexperienced in the World Cup and it showed. Three of the defenders including David Luiz,  Thiago Silva, Marcelo hadn’t played any World Cup games. Dani Alves was on the bench in 2010 and only played a few games replacing Maicon. Maicon would be on the bench in 2014 and replaced Dani Alves and played great but collectively the defence was inexperienced. Depending on what Dunga will do, here is a glimpse on who he can bring in and replace. Dunga didn’t play Dani Alves in 2010 and kept him on the bench; therefore he might be replaced. Rafael who made a costly mistake in the Olympics in 2012 in London and hasn’t been called up since could be the replacement if Dunga chooses. He is only 24 and will be 28 in 2018 with great experience if called upon for Copa America. I would still like David Luiz and Thiago Silva to continue to be on the team in defence because they both play well together and they will still be great in years time. As well, i would still like Marcelo on the team as well but I think Marcelo and Dani Alves stand the biggest chances of the four of being replaced or having to work really hard for their position. Filipe Luis of Chelsea now and other players will look to challenge for a spot with Dunga being coach.


The Midfield 

This is where it starts to get exciting because Brazil have many skilled players coming into the ranks. Roberto Firmino, Coutinho, Lucas, Bernard, Willian, Paulinho, Ramires, the list goes on and on and Brazil will have better quality in the midfield than they did in 2014. Oscar and Neymar are guarantees that will never be replaced obviously. Lucas Piazon as well will look to challenge himself for a spot on the team as well.



Leandro Damião and Alexandre Pato might look to return to this post but I think Firmino might be a great placement here because he can play this position as well. Hulk might finally be the #9 for the team but that depends of course on Dunga. Brazil have quality in the ranks and people need to understand inexperience played a huge factor in 2014 with added pressure from being the host. In Russia, and in the upcoming Copa Americas, all the countries will think Brazil has lost that magic and skill they once had but that thinking will be the downfall of countries. Time will tell though.

My Brazil’s XI


Rafeal – Thiago Silva – David Luiz – Marcelo

Coutinho – Oscar – Neymar

Lucas – Roberto Firmino – Willian

Explanation Below 

This of course would be a dream attacking side but given the team Brazil plays and the tactics Brazil use the squad will differ. I’m just all for attacking and beautiful Brazil soccer. Write below who you think Brazil’s squad should be and who you think might be the replacements needed for Brazil to return to glory. Of course Brazil will need holding midfielders and defensive midfielders like Paulinho and Luis Gustavo but this is my opinion and what I like.


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2 comments on “Brazil’s Future XI

  1. “None of the defenders including David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Dani Alves and Marcelo had played any World Cup games….” Dani Alves played in WC 2010


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