Why the 1998/2005/2009/2013 Confederation Cups were jinxes for Brazil

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This post is intended to show an interesting angle on the Confederation Cup. It is meant to show that Brazil winning this title doesn’t do much for them a year later but don’t take this too seriously. I am talking about this tournament being a jinx, so don’t take this too seriously. Just a fun and interesting angle.

I read around about this topic being discussed being completely honest. I read peoples opinions and views and I am with people on this 100%. I had been thinking about this after Brazil lost to Germany and with everything happening in the World Cup as well. Being in the Confederation Cup for Brazil has become a jinx really, since 1992 when it was called the King Fahd Cup nobody has ever gone on to win the title and win the World Cup. Brazil have won it four times, 1997, 2005, 2009 and 2013. Lost to France 3-0 in 98, Lost to France 1-0 in 06 and lost to Netherlands 2-1 in 2010 and lastly Germany 7-1 in 2014. Not winning and not being in the Confederation Cup has helped Brazil, going on to win the World Cup in 1994 and 2002.

#1 Confederation Cup 1998 Analysis.

The hardest team Brazil had to face were Mexico, Uruguay and at the time Czech Republic. Uruguay and Czech Republic didn’t even qualify for the World Cup in 1998 and Mexico lost to Germany in the Round of 16. Not much competition when Brazil didn’t even have to qualify for the 1998 World Cup in France because they won the World Cup in 1994. First start of the jinx.

1998 World Cup Finals, Marseille, France, Semi-Final, 7th July, 1998, Brazil 1 v Holland 1, (Brazil won 4-2 on penalties), Brazil's Ronaldo takes on Holland's Frank De Boer and Aron Winter (20)

#2 Confederation Cup 2005 Analysis

Argentina and Germany were the hardest teams to beat and considering Brazil didn’t have to qualify for the 2006 World Cup it was important to play these teams to build confidence heading into the World Cup in Germany in 2006. Brazil edged Germany and dispatched Argentina 4-1 in the Final. This was supposed to give Brazilians hope for the next year; however Germany would go on to lose to the eventual winners and Germany would go on to beat Argentina in Penalties. Brazil beat Argentina 4-1 but a year later were eliminated in the same time in the Quarter-Finals. The jinx was gaining ground.


#3 Confederation Cup 2009 Analysis 

Brazil had actually needed to qualify for the World Cup, so this tournament would further help Brazil’s case for the coveted sixth title; However Brazil only played Italy that were considered the hardest team with Spain. Italy wouldn’t even make it out of the group stage in a years time and because Spain lost to USA, Brazil never got to face them and would have to wait until 2013. Brazil beat USA 3-2 in a come back and hope was at an all time high and really 2010 should have been Brazils year but this got in the way of that. Ironically enough, that referee would give Brazil a penalty shot against Croatia five years later. The Confederation Cup was officially a jinx.


#4 Confederation Cup 2013 Analysis 

Brazil didn’t have to qualify, they were host so they needed to play hard teams. Brazil beat Italy 4-2 and beat Spain 3-0. Both these teams wouldn’t even make it out of the group stage in a years time. Uruguay were a great squad but without Suarez, Costa Rica would beat them 3-1 a year later. Brazil never played a real competitive team until Germany and without Neymar and Silva and with a near suicidal tactic Brazil were eliminated. This tournament was now clearly a jinx.


As much as i would like Brazil to win the Copa America, the Confederation Cup is becoming something of a jinx. Only time will tell what happens but with the Copa America next year, can’t think of what emotions will be felt if Brazil go on and win. Will it be of happiness or sadness?


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