Social Media & Self-Esteem : Life Talks #1

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It’s something that we don’t say but we all think. It’s something that we all crave but we secretly seek. Everybody wants to feel acceptance from somebody or some people or by just specifc people. Ever since we’ve grown up we have wanted acceptance one way or the other but i’ll stick with the social media aspect of it all. From the days of MSN, we would ask people for their emails hoping that they would accept our invitation to be our virtual friend. We didn’t know it then but we were already craving acceptance that we would be craving for years to come. Facebook would be the next template of trying to find acceptance. Requesting to be peoples friends, some people you really didn’t even know, just to have many friends so you might feel accepted by those who have many so called friends online. Just like that you went from casually wanted acceptance to slowly kind of needing it. I honestly think Twitter is the best media template because we can express anything and follow anybody and there isn’t any pressure. Instagram might just be the worst thing to peoples self esteem because this is where acceptance is most powerful and this picture below explains it so well.


I’ll be honest, i’ve deleted pictures on Instagram thinking they weren’t good enough and people wouldn’t like it. Is it my fault that i’m wired this way? No, it isn’t. For some reason this is our generation. I’ve seen many people delete photos they’ve posted within 5 minutes or less if people don’t like their photo as if acceptance from other people is the greatest thing imaginable. We as a generation went from casually wanting acceptance to kind of wanting it to almost needing it. The only person we need acceptance from is ourselves so we must get out of this hole we dug ourselves were we need peoples acceptance to somehow live our lives.

Coming from me, i’m more so speaking to people this actually affects because in this entire world somebody somewhere might read this and think i relate to this and others might not. Of course i would love to feel accepted but I understand now at 19 that I don’t need acceptance and you shouldn’t either from other people. Especially people online. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, doesn’t matter what your ratio is between following and followers because at the end of the day if you aren’t getting money from having many followers you are just like everyone else. The acceptance you think you are feeling is false and it can damage your self esteem even more so to those who crave acceptance.

So will you still crave acceptance or will you understand that the only acceptance you need is from yourself because self-confidence and inner strength is more powerful than anything anyone can give you.You may have followers, you may be following people but are you following yourself or you only following others?


“You may have followers, you may be following people but are you following yourself or you only following others?”

If you are confused by that Jaden Smith type line I wrote, i’m trying to say that are you doing what everyone else’s is doing having many followers or following many people or are you your own person following people by choice not because of your twitter ratio or whatever ratio to feel like having more followers to less following is important.


From The 6ix,With Love

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 Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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