OVO FEST Special Guests : 5 Predictions

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First i’d like to say this year I will going to my first OVO festival so I’m pretty fucking excited to be honest. I’ve seen many people live and I might as well list them because I want you to get the sense I can talk about music because I listen to a lot of artist and i’ve paid to see artist live. Sorry i’m about to brag right now low key.I’m probably missing some but you catch my drift. I’ll probably have a post about my favourite concerts but thats for another time.

List of acts seen live

My Chemical Romance x 2, Panic! at the disco x 2, Drake, Miguel, Future, Bruno Mars, Mumford & Sons, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg/ A$AP Mob , J Cole x 2 , Childish Gambino x 2, The Killers ,Tokyo Police Club , Kanye West , Kendrick Lamar x2 , French Montana , Danny Brown , Wale , Justin Timberlake , Jay Z, Future , Jhene Aiko , PartyNextDoor , The Midway State , Fall Out Boy ,Phoenix ,Wolf -Mother , Adele, Allen Stone etc.

 OVO Predictions

#1 Chris Brown

He has a song with Lil Wayne, He was in the ESPYS with Drake in a segment and was photographed in the studio with Drake recently. Chris Brown coming out would be a great way to finally show the world the feud is done between the two and if the ESPYS didn’t already do that. I suspect Chris Brown is the most likely person to make an appearance at OVO Fest ’14.


#2 J Cole

J Cole has been to the OVO Fest before so this isn’t something new or shocking but it is something to note that Drake came out as a special guest in J Cole’s Dollar & Dream Tour and said they are the only two kings right now so I suspect from that J Cole should come to Toronto in August for the Festival.


#3 Kendrick Lamar

I know what you are thinking, if Drake said him and J Cole are only the two kings in Rap isn’t that a diss towards Kendrick Lamar? So why would he be there? The same reason why The Weeknd was their last year. People were hyping it up that The Weeknd & Drake had beef and 5 A.M in Toronto was a sneak diss at Abel. The Weeknd then showed up and Drake said OVOXO forever collectively building up hype and showing the world it was nothing. Drake bringing about Kendrick Lamar would be him saying he is a king too or something in that regard. Anyway you put it, I suspect Kendrick will be a guest and maybe will see him do some dances like the one below.


#4 50 Cent 

G-Unit on stage in Toronto? 50 Cent? Reports are that Drake has a song with 50 Cent and how can you top Kanye West? 50 Cent in Toronto might just do that but wait until you read the last name on this list because him and 50 Cent on stage would be the greatest thing since i don’t know anything great.

#5 The Game

If Drake wants to show the world he can do anything, if Drake wants to show the musical world one of the greatest moments in hip-hop/rap history than he will bring together The Game & 50 Cent and they still perform together creating a moment so special everyone will cry in the venue.


Just for a side-note : I’m expecting The Weeknd, PartyNextdoor, Majid Jordan, Lil Wayne Etc. I expect Outkast will bring out people from Atlanta to open for them on Day 1 but will see what happens but this was only my predictions for Day 2.


From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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