5 Artists You Should Be Listening To : R&B/Indie Edition

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I’m sort of a music freak, I need new music constantly . I can literally download an album or download a song, listen to it over and over again and it quickly gets old to me in just a few days. That’s why I always need new music and I’m always on the hunt for new music to keep me going and these are the artist that keep me going in the R&B/Indie genre. Think of it as a review of the artist work or simply a way to persuade you listen to them because I’m pretty biased. These are amazing artists and just look at the title of the post. You should be already listening to them if you consider yourself an R&B/Indie listener.


Artist : Spooky Black

Black Silk EP

Stand Out Tracks : Without U, Remember Me, Remember You, We Were Together Once.

I understand, trust me I really understand. He is a white kid that wears a du-rag and his name is Spooky black or Lil Spook .He just screams hilarious and stupid. But you know what they say, you can’t  judge a book by its cover and this kids got the voice of an angel. ‘Without U’ is his stand out track and the music video is a must watch because it’s pure genius. The EP isn’t properly engineered and the vocals are a bit weird but overall it’s amazing from a kid who is suspected to be 16-17 years old.



Artist : Majid Jordan

A Place Like This EP / Afterhours EP

Drake’s OVO Sound Signees, one of them is the singer ‘ Majid’ and the other is ‘Jordan’ Ullman the producer ; together creates Majid Jordan. They created an Ep before the hype from featuring on Just Hold On, We’re Going Home by Drake but it came to fruition after the fact. Afterhours Ep is absolutely amazing and beautiful really. Tea & Coffee, Chill Pad Deluxe & Patience are the stand out tracks. The whole EP is out of this world, Drake found a gem in these two creative individuals. I’ve stated this Ep before going into their new one which is gaining hype for them because this gem should be listened to first before their new EP. A Place Like This Ep solidifies what I’ve known since I heard their first EP ; Majid Jordan is amazing and must be listened too.

AfterHours EP stand out tracks : Tea & Coffee, Patience, Chill Pad Deluxe

A Place Like This EP stand out tracks : All 5.



Artist : BANKS

Goddess Album :  Due Sept 5th/14

Yes, I got love for my female artist too. I’ve been listening to this beauty of a singer ever since I noticed her name on The Weeknd’s opening acts list and of course jumped at the chance to google her name and listen to her songs. She is amazing and has that dark style to her that is very appealing to those who listen to The Weeknd, so her opening up for him made perfect sense. She has an EP already out and a few tracks she’s dropped here and there but right now she is in debut album mode. Goddess is due out in two months and she has already dropped a few tracks. ‘ Brain’ is a must listen too because its energetic, dark and backed by her amazing vocals.

Stand out tracks from her Discography : Warm Water, Waiting Game, This is what it feels like, Brain



Artist : Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Winter EP

Stand Out Track : Collapse

I, happened to just stumble into this group by pure luck. I can’t honestly remember where I heard them from but I know I was blessed to find them. Some people compare the singer to Bon Iver and I see that comparison but that’s a good thing isn’t it? Collapse is an incredible song and the first song I heard by the group. it’s somber and soft and honest and it bumps. If you like Bon Iver than you like this group already so give them a check and listen to the Winter EP because its worth it.



Artist : PartyNextDoor 

PartyNextDoor Two EP

Stand out tracks so far : East Liberty, Muse, Recognize ft Drake, Her Way, Bout it.

PartyNextDoor EP

Stand out tracks : Right Now, TBH, Break From Toronto, Wus Good/ Curious, Over Here ft Drake

The mixtape just came through on the E-Streets about 5 hours ago so I can’t properly review it or say much on it but i can say i few things from listening to it over and over again for a few hours at least. I’m more writing about Partynextdoor because i still feel the general public hasn’t taken notice of him and his talents like The Weeknd. At this point, he isn’t better than him but he is amazing and on his way to that feet. His first EP came out last year and that was absolutely amazing. I had the privilege of seeing him live and he was nervous but he still showed confidence. If you like Drake or The Weeknd, you need to properly notice his genius.



From The 6ix,With Love

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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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