3 reasons why Liverpool can win the EPL without Luis Suarez and my top 5 prediction

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I’m a Liverpool fan, I have been a Liverpool fan since the Xabi Alonso days, the Luis Garcia days, those were some fun days. We already know what happened in Istanbul during those days. We starting having some dark days which turned into dark years but 2013/2014 was the year Liverpool came back.The Liverpool FC, I knew they could be came back. Though during the end of the 2012/2013 season Liverpool were playing great.  Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge were incredible together, but here are 3 reasons why I think Liverpool FC can win the league without Luis Suarez.


Champions League 2005 / Istanbul

#1 Brendan Rodgers

There is something about this coach that just makes Liverpool special. He personally talks with each player that I have read about and every player talks highly of him. Of course, this is the case with many coaches but there is just something special about Brendan. He also led Liverpool to win 11 games in a row, so he is okay in my book. Also Liverpool are in the Champions League for the time in years and you can thank the coach for that. He also added new players which I will discuss later on and I think he is putting Liverpool in a good position to try and win the title. With a great coach, anything is possible and Liverpool have a great coach.


#2 New signings 

Liverpool lost Suarez and it’s something that will either make or break this season, but I think with the new signings, Liverpool should be fine. Adam Lallana is a great signing, Lazar Markovic is an incredible signing from Benfica, Emre Can is a great signing, Gerrard retired for England, so he will be more focused on Liverpool. Coutinho and Sterling will be great. I think this season will be a great one where Liverpool can win the title. Dejan Lovren is an amazing signing and the other players Liverpool got will be important for the tournaments outside the EPL. Liverpool have the players capable of going far in the EPL and players that can make a splash in the Champions League. Here is my XI for this season.

My Liverpool XI 


Manquillo/Moreno- Skrtel – Lovren – Johnson

Gerrard – Henderson 

Sterling – Coutinho – Lallana/Markovic



Showing they can win without Suarez

Without Suarez, Chelsea, the team below Liverpool only had 1 more goal than Liverpool in total. Liverpool still scored 70 goals. Liverpool did fairly well taking away Suarez. Luis Sureaz can’t be replaced and played out of this world last season, but I think Liverpool this season will try and show the world it’s still a good club without him and proving that should help them towards winning the title. Liverpool seriously need to win the title for Gerrard.


With a great coach in Brendan Rodgers and with the new people he brought into Anfield, I think Liverpool will go very far in the EPL this season. I know I am a fan, so i’m pretty biased here, but giving everything I know, Liverpool stand a great chance. This will be a great season and as a big fan, I can’t wait to see some Champions Leauge action.

You'll Never Walk Alone

My Top 5 Prediction

1. Liverpool

2. Chelsea

3. Man City

4. Arsenal

5. Man United


From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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