Music Profile Interview : KIN Bishop

I interviewed him and here is the questions I asked and his answers. Enjoy.


KIN Bishop is a young 17 year old rapper from Baltimore, Maryland. He started rapping at 16 years old and is getting ready to drop his next project “UhDream”.

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Jez Dior & Grunge Rap

Recently, I heard about an artist named Jez Dior. I looked into him and listened to a few of his songs and it seemed pretty good and chill to listen to. Then he changed his music vibe and started this whole Grunge Rap thing. This is where he caught my attention. Not saying his previous music was bad but this new vibe is more interesting. The first song in his Grunge Rap era was ; ‘ Who Drank My Whiskey’. This is where I knew he would become something bigger than what he was doing before. Here is his three songs that I really enjoy so far. Can’t wait for new music from him.

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Top 5 Songs From Each Of Kanye West’s Albums

I was talking about this with a good friend of mine yesterday and thought this was a great idea for a post but I knew this was going to be very hard. Kanye West in my opinion is the best artist of my generation. He influenced Drake and he is my favourite rapper, so I can say he is the best of the best.


* Not including Watch The Throne

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My ranking of the Harry Potter films

Check out the post below

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Top 10 favourite N64 games

* If you think you could rank the games better, think i’ve missed iconic games, please comment below and create the discussion. Enjoy.

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